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Finance Business Training

FBT has extensive experience in providing students with professional and post graduate academic qualifications. Furthermore, FBT enables students to gain a qualification under the instruction of top tutors immaterial of the study mode they choose. Lastly, FBT has formed a dynamic and beneficial relationship with the London School of Business and Finance. LSBF is renowned for their excellence in the industry and brings various accolades to the partnership; an example is the PQ College Award which LSBF has been awarded for the past two consecutive years.


Courses search by Alphabetically

  • ACCA
  • ACCA & MBA
  • CIMA
  • CIMA & MBA
  • Finance MSc
  • Marketing MSc
  • MBA & Accounting
  • MBA & Finance and Investment Management
  • MBA & Global Business
  • MBA & Human Resources
  • MBA & Islamic Banking and Finance
  • MBA & Marketing Management
  • MBA & Project Management
  • MBA & Risk Management

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