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How much does it cost?

IELTS test fees vary from year to year. HS Consultants will advise the test fee for your session in local currency.

How do I book/register for the test?

HS Consultants is official facilitation centre for British Council to register candidates for IELTS. Connect with Admissions to register yourself.

Postpone or cancel my IELTS test?

You can contact us for further instructions in case of test being postpone or cancel. If Candidate postpone or cancel within 5 weeks of the test date, they will be charged the full fee unless the candidate has a medical reason.

All parts on the same day?

The test consist of 4 language skills in which Listening, Reading and Writing components of the test are always concluded immediately after each other with no break, Whereas the Speaking test takes up to 7 days either before or after the test date.

What are the test rules?

Test guidelines and rules are on the Notice to Candidates document provided in the Application Form. It is strongly advised to read the Information for Candidates booklet carefully to understand the test format and know what to expect.

What can be taken into the examination room?

Only pencils, erasers and pens along with passport or national identity card that was used on the Application Form.

What is the Speaking test?

Speaking test is a discussion over 15 minutes with a certified Examiner.

Are there any specific accents in the Listening and Speaking tests?

Variety of English accent are used

Can I write in capital letters?

Candidates can use all capital letters in the Reading and Listening components and may also in the Writing component.

How are the tests marked?

IELTS practices a 9-band scoring system in a consistent manner in which it indicates individual band scores for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and an Overall Band Score.

When will I receive my test results?

The Test Report is available on 13 calendar days after test date but can be available at HS Consultants.

How soon can I re-appear for the test?

You can reappear at any upcoming dates.

What if I am not satisfied with the result?

You can apply for Enquiry on Results.

Our counselor can help with any IELTS related question. Book your IELTS

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