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Looking forward to study medicine abroad or law? What course to choose in order to get your preferred career? Biotechnology as a course or Doctor of Medicine? Do these courses require SAT or GRE or GMAT? Engineering from Australia or USA? Will you get benefit from studying your desired course after graduation?

All these questions can be solved as we are here to help you with your selection regarding your course and if you are still struggling in deciding your course of study, we are here to guide you completely from the course outline till future outcomes.


Research is the most important element when it comes to the course selection as it defines everything regarding the course outline, the importance of course selection, future prospects of the course and how it will benefit a student in long run.

The research is not only about the course in fact the research has to be done completely from all prospects and from different perspectives for example it should include study destination i.e country situations and what is trending these days? Does course itself has this much value that student can get job easily? Or how will the course benefit student in terms of critical analysis and personal life situations? Does the country in which student is willing to continue his or her studies offer this course? Or even if it does so is it valued at any other country? We understand that student will always remain a student and they want the best option because we know that they are investing a lot in their studies in order to build their profile and have a successful future.

Trusting a counselor and giving this responsibility is a huge decision because we understand that student is giving their entire future to get shaped by our knowledge and experience and that’s why we feel honored that students and their parents trust our research techniques and they get the satisfied answers and researches from our end and this is the main reason that we are able to recruit students in a huge number and our referral is very strong that students who flies to their dream destination to study their dream course returns back to us with their satisfied feedbacks.

Course Guidance for Different Countries

The degree program we research and counsel student is always English Taught Program, as we believe that students should never face any issue in studying their courses, in fact we make sure if students are not fluent in English and they may face issue further in understanding their courses, so we highly recommend from our partner university to deliver English Classes before beginning of degree program to student, and improve their English language skills. Every country has different trends when it comes to English language courses but they all work on the same mechanism.

Post Study Work Visa

Every country has different system of allowing post study work visa opportunities to international students. Malaysia and Dubai doesn’t encourage students to work during their study duration and also do not offer post study work visa, so that means student can choose any course they wish to pursue and return to homeland upon completion of degree and whereas, United Kingdom allows only 20 working hours/week, since UK is no more a member of European Union Member and after Brexit UK has opened its point based system immigration as well as Post study work visa which excites and entices students to continue their further education from this well- known destination.

Australia’s follows to give leverage to international students, where they can work full time during study breaks (vacations or semester breaks). HS Consultants is very fond of career choices and to guide student as per the Australia’s SOL list for better opportunities and the future prospects. Students, who decide to study their courses from Australia, can get up to 4 year post study work visa after their graduation. In 2020, Australia is focused to give jobs only to the skilled workers.

USA system is completely different as compared to other countries because no matter how long is the course of study is they only grant F1 visa, which is duration of 5 years permit to stay in the USA and student can choose any course to complete their credit hours in 5 years and once students graduate, they can also receive Optional Practical training (OPT) either for 18 months or for 3 years depending on the course of study. HS Consultants has professional counselors to guide students regarding STEM Approved programs, which will give students a extra year of opportunities.

Does the selected course have job opportunities later on?

This very commonly asked question and we believe that this has been the most rated question. As certified counselors, we believe that we must answer all the queries and concern.

Every destination have their own law about job opportunities after graduating but there are some perimeters on which one has to decide study course.

Trainings and New Development

We have a set of professional trained counselors who are trained and hold a strong grip on latest trends and development across different study destination.

Our partner universities provide day to day updates on any changes implemented for admissions and/or immigration travel for international students.

Benefits to the Students

Seeking help and guidance from professional counselor benefits student in a log run as it will enable them to gather maximum information and plan future career pathway.

Our counselors are highly trained in terms of making sure student understand the course outline and outcome of completing a specific degree and follow the next step towards career route.

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