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Look after yourself with health cover

It is important to understand about health cover (insurance) to help protect health and personal belongings.

Health insurance

Health cover is necessarily required by every international student traveling to UK for higher studies. The insurance program gives access to private medical to help cover other medical expenses such as:

  • Costs of returning home if a someone in family is ill
  • Expenditures if any family visiting the UK incase you fall ill
  • Cost of returning to home country for treatment

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers belongings, such as furniture, clothes and appliances, and can be helpful if student has valuable items that would be hard to replace if lost or stolen.

Some companies offer special packages of such policies for students, so it is recommend student should research options first in order to find the best package.

Travel Insurance

Student planning to travel outside the UK during studies, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance, just as if someone would be travelling abroad from home country and avail health covers.

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