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Sarawak is home to beautiful Borneo’s natural marvels and pristine rainforests comprised of orangutans, proboscis monkeys, crocodiles and the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia.

For more fun and adventures, you can try to ride on a ‘flying coffin’ ; riverboat up the 'Amazon of Borneo' the Batang Rejang on their route to hike from longhouse to longhouse in the cool vicinities of the Kelabit Highlands, or to the spectacular bat caves and extraordinary rock formations of Gunung Mulu National Park.

Here are some distinct features which will convince you to visit this beautiful city!

National parks

Sarawak is home to 25 national parks. The most accessible park is the Bako National Park composed of jungle trails, deserted beaches and wild proboscis monkeys.

It is based in the north of Kuching. Most visitors go through an entire day inside the secured zone so it is recommended bring plenty of water, leech socks and a fully charged camera. You can head to empty beaches and strange sandstone rock formations along the shore for more adventures.

Welcoming Inhabitants

Borneo has many indigenous gatherings who have lived in the rainforests for quite long time.

The Sarawak Cultural Village is approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Kuching. It reflects the demonstrates their rich heritage of the locale. You will discover the traditional lifestyle of Sarawak’s Dayak people in communal wooden longhouses. You can their exotic traditional costumes, indigenous food.

Matang wildlife center

Matang is estimated to be 36 kilometers (22 miles) to the west of Kuching.

In order to reduce deforestation and human interference in the forest and the endangered orangutans. Matang Wildlife Center, like Sepilok in Sabah is specially designed to preserve, rescues and adopts young and stranded orangutans. The trainers teach them the abilities to return and survive in the wild forest.

The visitors can interact and get close with orangutans and other endemic mammals. You can learn about ecology and regional conservation efforts.

Exclusive Beaches

One of the most enduring beach is Sematan Beach. It was initially a fishing village near the Kalimantan border. Sarawakians believes that Sematan is rated among the state’s best beaches.

Its soft white sand hug intersects the coastline at approximately 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Kuching. You can spend your night with the bunch of friends or your loves ones at the resort to wake up to view the South China Sea. Either, youu can spend your entire day there, enjoy the pristine shoreline with amazing water sports until witnessing the entrancing Bornean sunset.

The Rainforest World Music Festival: A concert in the wilderness

Have you ever hopped into the concert amidst the rainforest? You can now fulfill your dream at Sarawak rainforest which is located near Mount Santubong. It arranges a mysterious music festival every July. It is astonishing to observe that local and international musicians and artists head to Sarawak for this three-day event.

The artists boasts an amazing live music show and performances encompassing folk music from around the world echo through the forest canopies. Musician’s beats and play weird yet delightful instruments in the forest wilderness. You can also get the opportunity to learn traditional dances in the afternoon.

It is a very terrific cultural event that takes places in core of the rainforest which enables the development of more mystical environments. Thus, book your tickets as soon as possible to live the once in a life time event!

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