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Little that we know that Miri, as rhymed as mini, is a small region in Sarawak, Malaysia. It has played an important role in generating economic progress in the region.

In the 20th century, geologist have tapped their natural resources and extracted oil from the grounds. It has proliferated economic growth and expansion of opportunities to major for the workers. Recently, the region has more Chinese migrants to assist the locals in extracting the natural resources (petroleum). The shell was initially dug in 1910 at Canada Hill. It is a 30 meters (98 feet) hill which has produced oil. It has increased the significance of the industry. While the tourist uses this hill for hiking purposes.

If you are keen to know more about the history of oil in Malaysia then you need to visit the Petroleum Museum. It tells about the story of pre and post-discovery of oil. Earlier, Miri was a small fishing village and the domestic people lived in wooden houses that were constructed by themselves. The fishermen used to fish and earn their living from the South China Sea. Soon after the oil discovery, the Chinese migrants changed the dynamics and accelerated the oil boom in the region.

Now, the fishermen village has transformed into a city. One of its distinguished monuments is the Miri City fan as it resembles the shape of a traditional handheld fan. It is covering 26 acres which are separated into ten thematic zones. Its masterpiece is an amphitheater placed at the center and is surrounded by a koi pond, Islamic gardens, and a promenade. Miri library is nearby the Miri fan where you can head up and read about the local culture and traditions.

You can load up your daily essentials and utility items from the Sebarkas market situated approximately 3 kilometers (1.2 miles) northeast of the city center. It has rows of numerous stalls stacked up with fresh produce and tropical fruits to handicraft in cheap prices. Miri’s residents have pointed out Saberkas as Sarawak’s friendliest and most colorful markets.

Miri does not only hold economic significance but it also boasts natural beauty and reserves. Gunung National Park has limestone pinnacles giving it a -sharp looks and protecting the entry points to dozens of almost hidden caves. The tour guides will take you to the Clearwater and Deer Cave before exploring canyons, waterfalls, and landscapes. Gunung Mulu is the most challenging area to step in, you need to either take a 30-minute flight from Miri or embark on a multi-day excursion through the jungle.

Miri’s Brighton and Tusan beach are the highlights of the city. The beach has piers stretches along the South China Sea. You can chill out at their wit your friends and have a BBQ party in the calm settings. You will explore the majestic view when the equatorial sun dips towards the horizon. While the Tusan beach stretches the sandy coastline and forms strange rocks by the decades of erosion. Relax in the soothing waves of the sea!

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