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Health & Support Services

Moving or travelling to another country is a major change. In the event that you wind up attempting to change, or feel somebody has treated your unjustifiably, there are many assistance organizations available. These assist organizations with canning be given by your educational association similarly as government divisions.

International Support Services:

Malaysian Universities have students from Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Our International Students Support Center energizes you with the procedure to apply for your Student Pass before coming here. Upon appearance in Malaysia, few universities will send someone from to get you from the air terminal and bring you to the institute.

They make you feel comfortable, so make sure to connect with them if you need any assistance or have any requests during your starting days in Malaysia.

Students Welcoming Teams:

Malaysian universities have their Student Welcome Team is an energized group of Students who establish suffering connections and help for appearing new students arrived in universities.

The Student Welcome Team was set up by the universities all faculties to improve the appearance experience of worldwide students in Malaysia. Warm Welcome, Warm Hello, Warm what’s up is the subject of this ASK ME Team.

Career Support Center:

Almost every institute rather public or private or sub campus have their career support center which established to helping students with making relationship between their academic experience and calling ways. We give work related controlling, resources, and activities to help individuals with clarifying insightful and career targets, develop career plans, make mission for new business aptitudes, and make compelling career propels. This department develop relationship with graduated class, managers, and graduate schools to redesign section level position, work, and employment openings while in like manner making crucial associations with grounds workplaces to help students in making and articulating co-curricular experiences that will help with ensuring they are not kidding to their greatest advantage.

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