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Study Engineering in Canada

Comparatively lower tuition fees, quality education, better career options and world-renowned institutions have made Canada one of the best country for studying abroad. With internationally recognized degrees and certificates, Canadian engineering colleges adhere to the highest standards of education and strict quality controls that ensure the high quality education. The standard of living and education quality is of top class and the tuition fee and living cost is lower in Canada as compared to other parts of the world.

Why Engineering From Canada

Engineering is a field of study that makes you learn how certain things work and how best to design those products. You have a lot of options to study a variety of engineering disciplines, including social, computer, historical, mechanical, or construction. With so many good colleges offering bachelors and master's degree programs, you can find the most suitable option for you. Engineering has always been preferred among students as a way of learning. Engineering studies is about the integration of theoretical knowledge with the applied technology used. The benefits of studying engineering in Canada are:

  • Four Canadian engineering colleges are ranked among the top 50 universities for engineering programs.
  • Salary drifts and predictions show that Canadian engineer's salaries have increased by 10% during 2016-19 period.
  • Canada's top universities offer some scholarships for foreign students who apply for engineering programs.
  • Annual job creation forecasts made in the labor market are as follows:
  • Increase of 2500 new job openings for civil engineers.
  • It is expected that 2100 job opportunities will be created for graduates of mechanical engineering.
  • 1300 new jobs opening for chemical engineers.

Bachelors of Engineering In Canada

BASc (bachelors of Science), BEng (bachelors in engineering), BEngSc (bachelors in engineering science) courses are accessible in Canada. The course duration is 3-4 years and it cost around 158,000 to 323,000 CAD. This degrees equip students with the skills to apply mathematical and scientific techniques to engineering problems. The quality engineering training program in Canada is approved by the "Canadian Professional Engineering Accreditation Board". It makes sure that in addition to higher education, applicants are also provided with world-class training and hands-on experience in the field. Foreign students are given admissions in winter and autumn. Some universities offer summer admissions as well. BASc in engineering and BEng both are the same degrees and the same academic worth. The most popular engineering fields in Canada are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

Choosing an engineering Institute in Canada

Of the large number of engineering colleges in Canada, it is important that you be able to choose a college that will be suitable for a student. This is a decision that should be made after due consideration. The factors to consider before choosing an institution are:

  • Faculty
  • Facilities
  • Placement Records
  • Additional activities
  • Location

Requirements for Engineering

The specific requirements for inclusion in the engineering program in Canada vary from institution to institution as each institution has a different view of the minimum qualifications required for their studies. But the basic requirements are:

  • Eligibility for Education: The minimum admission rate is regulated per year
  • English language scores
  • GRE scores (Optional in all Canadian institutions)

Following are the universities which have got the highest ranking in terms of engineering:

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