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Get a glimpse of melbourne!

Welcome to the most livable city and popular study destination for international students.

Enjoy your study abroad duration by fascinating yourself with the latest exhibitions and art galleries, strolling through its parks and be a part of an exciting range of events such as the Australian Open tennis grand slam, the Formula One Grand Prix and the Australian Rules football.

Moreover, Melbourne is also famous for its world’s most innovative knowledge centers and a highly reputable educational institutions. It has world-class 30 universities and educational institutions with the accelerating number of international students each year.

CNeed a break from the competitive university life?

CEngross in festivals

Melbourne boasts an ever-expanding performing arts scene. The first professional theater company was established in Melbourne and it is also home to a multiplicity of independent theatres and exhibitions.

CShort day trips

Melbourne is enclosed by some stunning marvels that can be discovered as a short day trip. Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate weekend getaway which will lead you to the Great Ocean Road for some dramatic cliffs and striking beaches.

CDive in the melodies

Melbourne has plenty of live music venues scattered all over the city. Ranging from a midweek gig at a local pub or a stadium show featuring international superstars all can be accommodated in this city.


The monthly cost for an international student to live in Australia is $380-700. The average weekly costs comprised of:

  • Rent: $150-300
  • Food: $80-150
  • Electricity/gas: $40-100
  • Transport: $40-50
  • Internet/phone: $20-50
  • Other: $50+

No difficulties in commute; trains, trams, buses and Uber, what’s your option?

Melbourne has 15 train lines from the CBD into the outer suburbs. They are an effective way of traveling to these outer suburbs but can become very busy during peak hours as most trains only run every 20 minutes during this time.

Proudly, Melbourne’s tram network is one of the largest in the world. Trams are free within the center of the city and will get you quickly around the CBD.

For people living in the outer suburbs so they can use bus services depending on the time of day.

Uber has become legalized in 2017 and regulated in Victoria so it is a safe option to get around the city.

City Breakups

City center

If you are at Melbourne’s city center, you will get everything you want whether if you are craving outstanding hot coffee, cultural events, astounding nightlife, and relaxing parks and gardens. The city blends of old and new, it comes to life during the nighttime with lights sparkling along the Yarra River.

North Melbourne and Parkville

It is one of the oldest parts of Melbourne crammed with classic terraced houses, historic buildings and large outdoor spaces. Visit the Queen Victoria Market to experience the neighborhood feel.

Carlton and Fitzroy

Are you a foodie? Then Carlton and Fitzroy are your go-to-destination. It is filled with a variety of cuisines, especially Italian eateries. Enjoy the latest food trends along with hip fashion shops.

Brunswick and Northcote

It is comprised of many cheap educational institutions. They also offer a variety of music venues, markets and outdoor venues for students to enjoy their time in Australia.

Overview of Melbourne’s Top 5s





Melbourne Museum

National Gallery of Victoria


Corner Hotel

Immigration Museum

Anna Schwartz Gallery

Rose Street


National Sports Museums

Australian Center for Contemporary Art

Queen Victoria

Palais theatre

Australian center for moving image

Heide Museum of Modern Art


The Tote


Gertrude Contemporary

South Melbourne

Northcote Social Club

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