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Engineering in Australia

Australia is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, unique colleges and universities. Australia has a lot to offer in terms of engineering and technology, for both domestic and international students.  Due to the Australia’s mining and technology sectors, Engineering, apart from being one of the most challenging field to study, is also one of the most opted field by international students, offering a variety of opportunities for students to thrive and show off their skills.


The Australian Engineering Education offers finest, globally recognized, industry focused and professionally certified education programs. They are delivered in well-equipped, world-class facilities with internationally recognized experts in engineering education. The engineering programs place great emphasis on the practice of engineering, engineering construction, problem solving and design. The program aims to support the community for improving the quality of life and finding a better future for all.

In Australia, the higher education (university) sector currently has a sole responsibility of education in the first two levels, over the 4th (or equivalent) year of high school such as Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), and 3 years engineering technology awards such as Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) respectively. The Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree has the equivalence to the Bachelor of Science.


Australia offers a virtual environment for international students to earn degrees and skills in any of engineering fields including: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Chemical, Computer, Mechatronic, Architectural, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Software, Aeronautical, Applied Physics and Environmental courses. Students can specialize in the field of their own choice. A variety of Post graduate courses, Engineering degrees and TAFE (Technology and Continuing Education) are being provided by Australia. Australia has almost 37 engineering institutes. In addition to providing quality education, these institutes also focus on intensive research, allowing students to participate in advanced research activities and work more thoroughly with the field.


Some of the best-known courses among foreign students in Australia are electrical and mechanical engineering. International students can apply for Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, which will enable them to obtain positions such as senior engineering associate or an engineering technologist. Australia's top engineering universities offer internships for foreign students, which helps them to explore various career roles, workplaces and projects, giving them a better understanding of their chosen careers. Some of the institutions even offer engineering courses that are accredited by ‘Engineers Australia’, which hold a large number of aspiring engineers.

It must be kept in mind that engineering courses in Australia are constantly updated to keep pace with technological advances while allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-world applications.


Australia is currently facing a severe shortage of engineers, specifically in Western Australia and Queensland- the provinces having the highest mining and resource growth rates. The increased demand for graduates means that foreign students studying engineering have a high hope of finding work in Australia. International qualifications are crucial in meeting the shortage of engineering skills in Australia, with skilled migrant engineers accounting for more than half of newly trained engineer delivery to Australian staff, according to ANET figures. According to ‘The Good Universities Guide 2013’, engineering graduates are one of the highest paid in any field, making money up to $ 60,705 – on average.  


Work experience is an important part of Australian engineering studies, making sure that graduates have the experience and skills which are being demanded by employers for employees.  Many of the engineering institutes provide internship opportunities to students, in order to have hands on experience of their relevant field. A ‘co-op’ course helps engineering students via placement in an Australian company or by other compulsory and voluntary internships. Also, a twelve-month internship program is there to gain work experience in Australia, known as Engineers Australia Professional Year Program. This increases the chances of getting permanent residency through Skill Select.

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