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Sligo is an inexpensive region and has everything from beaches and mountains. Exciting job opportunities, tertiary institutions, and unlimited leisure activities, all Sligo a perfect place to live.

In recent times, Sligo has become a staple of surfers. Not surprisingly, it is the roller coaster coming from the Atlantic and the spotless beaches to explore. Sligo is also W. Country of Yeats. The most famous poet in Ireland was born here and put the surname in trouble in his poems, especially That old gray house. With the Yeats so well captured, this northwestern part of Ireland is wild, unspoiled, and decisive, far removed from the chaos of Dublin and the big cities. History, legends, music, art, and poetry as well as pristine lakes, rivers, and majestic mountains attracts tourists to this remote part of Ireland.



On Sligo Stephen Street, County Museum and an interactive art gallery are located. it contains a wealth of regional history and WB monuments. Food, including the original plans for his work, books, and family photos. The Museum was inaugurated in 1955. The gallery features an impressive and extensive gathering of paintings by Jack Butler Yeats (brother of WB Yeats) who is considered one of Ireland's greatest artists.


A simple 10-minute drive to the west of Sligo, this hill stands 327 feet high and presents remarkable sights of the nearby landscape and beaches. Another good reason to measure the hill is the Neolithic sites found here, including Cairn-Meabh's tomb (also known as Maeve's Tomb) - in a conference believed to be an ancient burial site.


Smaller cemeteries will also be spotted, although many have been destroyed due to amateur excavations. If you are lucky enough, you can also find evidence of stone tools made here in seemingly large quantities (but please do not remove anything, as the site is the subject of a recent conservation organization).


The cost of housing and accommodation in Sligo is lower than that in other regions with large urban areas. It's suitable for people who strike a balance of work-life performance, enjoy affordable housing, high-quality job opportunities, and a healthy, healthy family-friendly environment. A vast variety of accommodations are provided, from apartments in the city's bustling suburbs to peaceful suburbs.


Travel periods are short in Sligo, and all - from the beaches to the mountains and urban life - is at an all-time high. A well-provided road network makes driving easier throughout the region and almost no traffic! Many bus services connect major cities, with a direct train line from Sligo to Dublin and Ireland West Airport traveling only 45 minutes from Sligo city.


The Council pursues to indorse the financial, communal, and cultural development of County Sligo and in so doing contributes meaningfully to enlightening the quality of life of the people.


The Sligo Volunteer Center provides links between interested and nonprofit groups seeking volunteers. The center advertises volunteers on behalf of the 300+ non-profit groups in Sligo and transfers attentive persons to these clusters.


Institute of Technology, Sligo is a 72-hectare campus with nearly 6,000 students in all major disciplines in Business and Social Sciences, Engineering and Design, and Science. St Angela’s College, National University of Ireland, Galway College, has more than 1,200 students. It offers around 40 undergraduate, postgraduate, and Master's programs in the major departments of Home Economics, Education and Nursing, Health Sciences, and Disability Studies. Sligo College of Further Education is a major provider of Continuing Education, offering a variety of Post Leaving Certificate courses for international students.


Choose the best surfing, hiking, hidden beaches, sailing, skiing, kayaking, climbing, or horseback riding. It is a city full of life and entertainment and you won’t get bored over here.

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