Thousands of international students every year change their lives for the better when they join INTO. Their academic achievements have helped many of them enter universities ranked in the top 3% in the world. INTO is an ambitious organisation with a firm set of principles and strong vision of what it wants to achieve for both students and its university partners.
The International Diploma is equivalent to the first year (or second year at INTO Glasgow Caledonian University) of a UK undergraduate degree, and prepares international students for second year-entry (or third year at INTO Glasgow Caledonian University) to business or engineering degrees at a number of INTO partner universities. You will develop your study skills, English language, and subject knowledge in readiness for successful university study.
The International Diploma program is for students who do not quite have the academic grades to go straight to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree, do not have English level to go straight to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree at UK University but who have a stronger profile than an Undergraduate Foundation Program student.
International students will receive 25 hours of tuition - significantly more than on a standard undergraduate degree program, giving a greater chance of passing the first year. Students enjoy smaller class sizes than on a standard undergraduate degree program - giving them the extra support they need. Students have the chance to complete an undergraduate degree course in a shorter time - three years instead of the four required by the Foundation Program route. The International Diploma is suitable for international students who have completed A-levels OR a recognised International Foundation program, OR Intermediate OR who are already in the first year of a relevant undergraduate degree in their home country, but do not meet the academic or English language requirements for direct entry of the UK University. A-levels students are also encourage to apply for INTO International Diploma course because of multiple intakes in a year, fast admission process in renowned universities (48-72 hours) & flexible entry criteria.
Once successfully completed the course and, subject to satisfying the progression criteria as outlined at the beginning of course, students can proceed directly to their chosen second year of undergraduate degree (or third year at INTO Glasgow Caledonian University) at the INTO partner UK University. The International Diploma is an intensive learning experience, which is designed to help develop language, study and research skills.
Students will be assessed regularly throughout the course. This will ensure that they are on track to achieve the standard required for progression onto their chosen degree.
Progress is monitored through continuous coursework and specific assessments and examinations at the end of each term or module. Students will also be required to complete a series of presentations and extended essays as part of their overall assessment.