Since 1952, Cambridge Education Group has been delivering the highest quality academic, creative and English Language programs, preparing thousands of students to progress onto the world’s leading universities.  ONCAMPUS Boston offers students a University Transfer program on the campus of a centrally located and welcoming American University - Wheelock College.
The University Transfer Program (Year-1) offered at ONCAMPUS Boston by (Cambridge Education Group) in conjunction with many ranked USA Universities is a comprehensive program equivalent to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree, with additional English for Academic Purposes. The University Transfer Program is for students who do not quite have the academic grades to go straight to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree, do not have English level to go straight to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree at USA University.
The University Transfer Program provides students with an ideal first year liberal arts foundation program, designed to give ONCAMPUS Boston students a solid academic grounding combined with an intensive language preparation program.
Upon completion of the University Transfer program, students progress  to year 2 of a wide range of undergraduate degrees at partner Universities or any other University of their choice.  Students will have 28-32 Wheelock college credits which are transferable to most American colleges and universities. Each student receives comprehensive transfer advising from ONCAMPUS Boston experienced staff - assisting them with every step from considering University options, completing all aspects of applications and selecting the final school to which the student will transfer.
All ONCAMPUS students will take a minimum of 4 credit bearing classes of 4 credits each. Students will have a choice of General Education classes as well as pathway-specific classes based on their major or intended course of study. In addition, students will receive support classes including academic skills and ESL. Students receive 7 hours of ESL per week in their first four weeks and 5 hours per week thereafter.
Students will be assessed regularly throughout the course. This will ensure that they are on track to achieve the standard required for progression onto their chosen degree.