uk1  UK Visa Facilitation
Launching a visa application is very crucial. Any mistake or lacking may cause a refusal of a visa application. Dedicated staff at HS Consultants, we support potential students prepare their visa applications according to the requirements set by the British High Commission and keep students updated about any changes with regard to the applications or any documents required to obtain a UK visa.
Students must follow the following check list before applying for a UK visa at the British High Commission, Pakistan
  • Correct visa fee
  • Complete filled visa application form under Tier 4 Immigration guidance
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of passport
  • Original passport (previous passport, if any)
  • Tuber clauses certificate
  • Original educational documents (Must be attested by HEC if qualification is above intermediate)
  • Copy of educational documents/certificates
  • Certificate of experience (original and copy), if any
  • IELTS result certificate (TRF – Test Report Form)
  • Parents consent form (If required)
  • Sponsorship documents. Following is the list of documents required in favor of sponsorship. We strongly recommend students to provide with the following documents in favor of sponsorship.
  • Personal OR Parents' bank statement(s) for last 28 days
  • Account maintaining certificate
  • Affidavit of support