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University of Portsmouth College (Pathway)

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The University of Portsmouth College is offered multiple ways to get set into University’s graduate and postgraduate programs through an indirect route. The overall framework of pathway programs assists students of various levels who do not meet the admission criteria. The multiple options can make your entry easy and accessible at your course of choice. Underneath we have enlisted possible ways to opt as an entry requirement. The course selection will automatically lead to a university program that is combined with a different mode of study.

  • Academic Study-GCSEs and A- levels
  • Vocational study
  • Worked based learning

Academic Study –GCSEs and A-Levels:

Most of the students focus on the main subject which is the requirement to get university enrollment but if you have selected randomly and have no link with your future career even then you have a chance. Your age should be 13 years but in some cases, you have an excuse to exceed. There is a minimum requirement of English and Maths.


A-Level studies are considered to be level 3, which is a good option. You have to select a minimum of three subjects and prefer to be get assessed with maximum coursework at the end.

Vocational Studies:

The vocational study is consists of work experience and assessment. Students have a great opportunity to focus on just one subject and gain relevant work experience. There are three categories to be offered by the University of Portsmouth College.

  • BTECs or another level 2 courses
  • Top-up degree
  • And T-Level

Worked Based Learning:

How to peruse towards your dream field? Work-based learning enables you to obtain experience in your appropriate field as many students are prudent enough during their GCSEs and A-Levels to approach in the right direction. Intermediate apprenticeship, advanced apprenticeship, and higher and degree apprenticeship are the different level have been offered to the International students.


  • Undergraduate Pathway in Accounting and Finance
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Business and Management
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Computing
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Media and Games Technologies
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Engineering
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Law, Politics and International Relations
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Mathematics
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Science
  • Postgraduate Pathway in Business and Management
  • Postgraduate Pathway in Finance
  • Postgraduate Pathway in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Postgraduate Pathway in International Relations and Criminal Justice
  • Postgraduate Pathway in Science and Engineering
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Property and Surveying
  • Undergraduate Pathway in Architecture, Design and Fashion



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