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Fisher College is located at a prime location in Boston. It also has campuses in North Attleboro, Brockton, and New Bedford. Fisher is ascribed by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Fisher has changed lives by giving students the things they need to successfully compete in today's challenging economy. Fisher college is one of the best destinations to study abroad. The majors and graduation programs demonstrate expertise in important fields such as management, accounting, fashion, marketing, criminal justice, biology, IT, and cybersecurity. The system believes in educating students about intellectual engagement, meeting together in small-group learning spaces, or with industry and business leaders through training courses, guest talks, and site visits. Fisher College provides educational resources in Boston; a city that has a great history and culture, and a center for intellectual, business, and scientific development.


Health and Safety

Working hard to meet the diverse needs of students, Fisher is a supportive and caring environment that gives students the unique attention they need.

Student Service and Support Center

It is the first point of contact for many administrative services at Fisher College. They support students with whatever resources they have.

Exposure of Life

Fisher offers several ways to get involved, exploring how you can be part of an off-campus community across Boston.

Office of Student Access Services:

The Student Acquisition Services Office (OSAS) is here to support you at the time of your registration. Our office is the main point where students request and find suitable accommodation, course, program, and/or accommodation. OSAS can also assist you in finding foreign accommodation, transfer to educational testing centers, educational counseling, self-help resources, and above all it serves as your guide and link. The purpose is to help balance student "playground". Accommodation is arranged according to the stages of each semester. Fisher College has been the most fascinating destination among students to study in the USA.

Students with a written disability such as ADHD, learning disabilities, mental retardation (i.e., major depression, bipolar disorder, extreme anxiety or personality impairment), physical/medical disability (i.e., chronic illness, traumatic brain injury), and/or visual / hearing impairment finding a suitable place to live.


  • Financial Accounting 3 Credits
  • CJ201 Corrections in America (SS) 3 Credits
  • CJ225 Criminal Court Process (SS) 3 Credits
  • CJ420 Advanced Criminological Theory (SS) 3 Credits
  • CM100 Introduction to Human Communication (H) 3 Credits
  • CM105 Public Speaking 3 Credits
  • CM300 Communication Theory (H) 3 Credits
  • CM316 Advertising Campaigns (H) 3 Credits
  • CS101 † ‡ Computer Concepts and Applications 3 Credits
  • CS245 Management Application and Information Systems (CS) 3 Credits
  • CS205 Programming I (CS) 3 Credits
  • EC101 Macroeconomics (SS) 3 Credits
  • ED115 Introduction to Early Intervention 3 Credits
  • ED120 Infant and Toddler Curricula 3 Credits
  • ED125 Observation, Screening & Documentation in ECE Settings 3 Credits
  • ED205 Children with Special Needs 3 Credits
  • ED224 Supervision and Personnel Management in Programs for Children 3 Credits
  • ED315 Planning Environments for Children 3 Credits
  • EN101 English I 3 Credits
  • EN101x5 English I (x5) 3 Credits
  • EN102 English II 3 Credits
  • EN201 Intermediate Writing: Literature and Research (H) 3 Credits
  • EN303 Selected Themes in Modern World Literature (G)(H) 3 Credits
  • FL121 Elementary Spanish (G)(H) 3 Credits
  • HM310 Healthcare Law and Government Regulations 3 Credits
  • HM330 Health Information Systems 3 Credits
  • HM430 Strategic Planning and Organizational Management in Healthcare 3 Credits
  • HR360 Compensation and Benefits 3 Credits
  • HR401 Employment Law and Labor Relations 3 Credits
  • HS101 Introduction to Human Services and the Social Welfare Professions (SS) 3 Credits
  • HS303 Substance Abuse (SS) 3 Credits
  • HS460 Internship in Human Services 3 Credits
  • HT101 Introduction to Health Information Technology 3 Credits
  • HT190 Supervised Professional Practice I 3 Credits
  • HT210 Coding and Classification Systems II 3 Credits
  • HT251 Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies 3 Credits
  • LA204 Business Law 3 Credits
  • LB440 Liberal Arts and Sciences Seminar 3 Credits
  • MA106 *◊ Elementary Algebra (M) 3 Credits
  • ME201 Medical Terminology 3 Credits
  • MG202 Human Resource Management 3 Credits
  • MG303 Managerial Communications 3 Credits
  • MG315 International Management 3 Credits


  • MG425 Topics in Leadership 3 Credits
  • MG435 Operations Management 3 Credits
  • MK201 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
  • MK310 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 Credits
  • PS101 Introduction to Psychology 3 Credits
  • PS103 Child Development (SS) 3 Credits
  • PS105 Human Development (SS) 3 Credits
  • PS222 Psychology of Personality (SS) 3 Credits
  • PS320 Human Sexuality (SS) 3 Credits
  • PS460 ^ Psychology Internship 3 Credits
  • SC110 Nutrition (S) 3 Credits
  • SC129 Human Biology (S) 4 Credits
  • SC130 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (S) 4 Credits
  • SO101 Introduction to Sociology (SS) 3 Credits
  • SO315 Special Topics in Diversity Studies (G)(SS) 3 Credits



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