The Background of developing this application

The reason of incorporating this transcendently unique idea into our scheming of foreign education was that, students were facing enormous difficulties whilst moving ahead during the process of admission taking in any distinguished centre of higher learning in any advanced country of west, we mean, they were lacking the information about; proper selection of the best field of study, choosing the best college and university – in their desired country, getting the latest updates about the rules of entry into an alien country, getting updated about the status of their admission, updated about properly applying for visa, by precisely fulfilling all formalities related to visa processing, so on and so forth.

Advantages and benefits of using UNI application software

The advantages of UNI as Unique as youare massive, which can be enumerated as under:

  • This Application is providing detailed information with respect to admission taking in any reputed western College or University
  • Students can make their account and keep aware of latest news events and offers by International Institutes
  • Student can now track their admission status through this application
  • Up load any required document any time through their Mobile OR Tablet PC
  • It provides remarkable information for choosing the field of study of your aptitude and inclination added with pathways leading to acquiring Masters or even higher degrees through search engine
  • Updating on the information and knowledge about pre and post proceeding requirements, to any foreign country.


  • How to Download?
  • Go on the site:
  • Click on the icon to download
  • How to Install?
  • Press Install apk file on your Android
  • How to Use UnI APP
  • Without signing up the APP, the student can search and explore many details on the APP to get his or her required details.
  • How to get your required details?
  • Press on Select Course – to highlight and then select the field of study, you choose it
  • Press on Select Location – to highlight and then select the country, you are interested
  • Press on Select Degree – to highlight and then select degree, you feel that is your dream
  • Then Press on Search – to get an overall result about your dreaming college or university, country, and field of study.
  • Here if you need more information, then Press on More Details
  • Fill the form, by adding your personal details added with your Message, and Then Press Yes on the Box to send your enquiry to the administrator of your required college or university.

Here you have two options:

  • Either you can press on any button–such as News, Events, Offers, Sign In, Sign Up, About Us, Media, Contact Us
  • Or to get more info,
  • Go on the Sign up on UnI APP
  • Here, fill in the blanks, and then
  • Press Enter on the site, and wait till the Administrator of the site may approve your registration.
  • After approval, you’ll receive Confirmation of approval of your registration.
  • Now enter your ID and password and then enter into the realm of UnI as Unique as you and enjoy unlimited features and facilities, we have offered to you.
  • New to do is, share this APP with others enabling them to avail this facility.