UnI as Unique as You– an exceptionally conceived Mobile application software that is adding along productive events and exhibitions aiming at providingdetailed information about foreign education to our talented Pakistani students enabling them to get admission in any reputed college and university of western world without any hassle and botheration.
This Mobile Applicationhas a broader mandate to facilitate our foreign education ambitious students to capitalize from our infinite offers apropos foreign colleges and universities, fields of studies, and so forth. Besides this, this product additionally added with our upcoming resplendent offer – Privilege Card that would lend you unlimited facilities which would be assisting to our students in their career and future to come ahead in their lifetime.

The Background of developing this application

The reason of incorporating this transcendently unique idea into our scheming of foreign education was that, students were facing enormous difficulties whilst moving ahead during the process of admission taking in any distinguished centre of higher learning in any advanced country of west, we mean, they were lacking the information about; proper selection of the best field of study, choosing the best college and university – in their desired country, getting the latest updates about the rules of entry into an alien country, getting updated about the status of their admission, updated about properly applying for visa, by precisely fulfilling all formalities related to visa processing, so on and so forth.


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