A matter of pride for me for availing the opportunity of getting the admission in my course of study for Diploma in Science leading to Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, in Perth Institute of Business & Technology pathway to Edith Cowan University in October 2013. Entering into this highly reputed Institute was only a dream – yet when I kept my first step in the highly acclaimed Perth institute in Australia, I truly mesmerized to experience my joy and the same day I was totally a changed person. My candid thanks and gratitude goes to HS Consultants, whose perfect guidance led me to achieve this greater accomplishment in my life. Once again thanks to all at HS Consultants.
By: Umair Ahmed, Student


Amazingly, I came across a company name—such as HS Consultants – with whom I came in contact, when I was terribly making hassles to get consultation and guidance for admission in any leading university of western world. They perfectly guided me, and it led to successfully getting the admission in the field of study – Master in Information Technology, from Deakin University, Australia in February 2014. By the blessings of Almighty Allah and prayers of my parents, I entered into the University – my dream came true. The same day when I stepped into the University – that day was the happiest day of my life. My thankfulness and gratitude goes to HS Consultants. Well done to everyone at HS Consultants.
By: Saad Ullah Bhutto, Student



Highly inspired to get higher education, I was desperately looking for a reliable consultant to get the accurate information to get admission in any distinguished centre of higher learning in Canada. A friend of mine introduced to HS Consultants. They assisted me in all ways that led to get admission in my course - University Transfer Program Stage - 2, in International College of Manitoba (Pathway to University of Manitoba) in Canada in September 2012. My exclusive thankfulness goes to HS Consultants that is run under the aegis of Mr. Humail Khan. Once again thanks to all of you.
By: Hisham, Student


I have no words to express my happiness, for taking admissionin my field of study - Foundation in Business & Economics, from Amsterdam Foundation Campus (University of Amsterdam), Holland in February 2014. Higher education in Holland truly gives us new insights, and makes us understand, how to use the education in our practical lives. Thanks to HS Consultants, for their counselling and friendly treat.
By: Usama Salim, Student



A truly all in one experience and that too a great one. Really friendly and considerate people. Took me through all the steps from searching affordable universities, applying for admission and then processing visa. Every step of process done smoothly. For any student seeking international education, HS Consultants should be the goto consultancy firm. Thank you Jamil Iqbal for all the help and guidance.
By: Ahsan Tariq, Student


Best consultancy in Pakistan, very helpful and excellent in guiding the students to make a good decision for the bright future. I myself got enrolled in University of Newcastle Australia through HS consultants they guided me a lot with lots of information and knowledge especially Mr. Sami my consular i am very thankful to him. I must recommend HS Consultants for those students who are planning to study abroad.
By: Muhammed Zain, Student



HS Consultants are hands down very friendly and professional group of people, who are committed to handle your case as good as it can be with their experienced approach in tackling tricky situations that you may stuck in if you are applying for study abroad by yourself or through other means. In my case, it was a complicated case and a few other big names in consultancy business were not sure about my case while others mostly never bothered to pick up phone when needed. I was not confident enough until I visited HS Consultants, they handled each and every aspect of the process and kept me involved throughout in a friendly and professional way. I am very thankful to mam Fariha for her help in SOP, Sir Anjum for visa filing and mam Shehnaz for mentoring the whole process and answering a long list of my queries throughout! HS Consultants are best in town and highly recommended from my side.
By: Arslan Asif, Student


I suggest every one to chose Hs consultants for making any decision about there future because thay are more cooperative more experienced n devouted with their work and heartfelt with their clients, my case was really a chellange n tough one for them, other consultants were not even giving me a hope, it was difficult but HS team especially Maam shehnaz, maam fariha whose sop gave face lift to my fragile case, maam iqra sir ahsan and sir anjum made it posible for me and now IN SHA ALLAH tomorrow I m going to Australia. Thank u HS team
By: Ali Raza Sundhu, Student





After completing my BS degree I have no idea how to pursue my dreams.I want to go abroad for higher education but as a beginner I have no information about my starting point.For this purpose I visited some consultants but HS Consultants was the one I was looking for.They didn't just guided me about my next step but also helped me to figure out what is best for me.Due to their sincerity and effort I got admission and finally succeeded getting my visa.All staff and members made me feel that its not only my visa but it's their own.I am truly thankful to all staff members specially Ma'am Shahnaz Ali, Sir Anjum and Miss Farehaa because they totally made my journey a learning one.I am blessed to have you people in my life.Thanks alot all of you.
By: Mujtaba Saeed, Student


I'm so glad that i came to know about HS consultants, hands down to the best team of hard working men and women! Since i was so confused whether to pursue masters or not but Mr jamil along with his team sold me down to the best options of universities. Couldn't imagine of getting scholarship from one of the universities too. Thank you Mr jamil for such guidance and enthusiasm! Thanks for motivating me and for being there like family! And to the other member's of the team, thank-you for taking care of my queries! I wish you guys the best of luck and i'm sure all of us could meet one day and laugh about our time at HS consultants. Lastly, i'm very much touched by the gesture of celebrating my birthday too! You guys know your students so well hope to see you guys succeed even more! Lots of blessings for everyone!
By: Arooj Malik, Student



After completing my undergraduate studies I wanted to gain master’s qualification from a foreign university. But I had no idea what to do or how to proceed. Then it’s all began for me when one of my friends suggested HS Consultants. On my first visit I met Mr. Jamil Ahmed and that was an invigorating experience for me. Mr. Jamil has proven to be a great mentor and the way he assisted me every step of the way is simply unforgettable. The whole staff is very friendly, whenever I call or want to meet them they are always there to assist me. Special thanks to Jamil Ahmed for his brotherly assistance and guidance in every small step and also thanks to Mr. Masroor for their special guidance in Visa application. I got Admission in CSU and got my Visa in just 25 days. I will suggest everyone to go to HS Consultants for their immigration needs and queries, and Inshallah you will get good results.
By: Saboor Ahmed, Student


After my graduation from NED I kept on searching many countries for my Masters degree. I was a lot confused about my future as getting an admission abroad was my baba's biggest desire and it was my dire passion to fulfill his dream. I remember the time in late June 2017, I went to HS Consultants. I had a counselling session with Jamil bhai and he arrived as a problem-solver, a counsellor and a mentor for me. He guided me to choose Australia as my destiny and Alhumdulillah by the blessings of ALLAH (swt) I got my visa today, 3rd-Oct'2017. A date that I won't forget my entire life. Making your parents proud and seeing the tears of happiness in their eyes is the most valuable and inexpressible moment in a child's life. I am highly thankful to Jamil bhai for his constant dedication and support towards my case and for making it possible for me. He turned out to be a confidence builder and a motivational speaker for me too. Moreover, I am highly obliged to Humail Sir and Masroor Sir for their guidance and support, for helping me out in best possible way. Their advices are a precious asset for me. HS are not just consultants, they are a family. And I owe them big. They guarranty making your dreams become a reality just as mine. Thank you so much HS.
By: Warisha Salman, Student



After three years of job as an engineer , I wanted to boost up my career with foreign qualification .On behalf of extensive research I visited HS Consultants office, I met Mr Jamil there and found him a great mentor. He processed my case very smoothly without creating any misconception, and helped me to get admission in MIT from Charles Sturt University and the visa to study. He is simply the best at his job. Even though he deals with many other students at once, he had still give each individual so much priority that it’s unbelievable and motivating at the same time. I would like to thank the whole HS team for their help and guidance throughout the whole process. Mr. Jamil of course for the whole mentoring, Mr. Humail - for the help with SOP and Mr. Masroor - for the help with the visa application. I have high regards for them and would definitely recommend HS- especially Mr. Jamil because of dedication towards his work.
By: Fahad Hussain, Student


After graduation, I wanted to pursue higher studies abroad and while looking for options, and the later I marked Australia as my priority destination for studies. At first, the whole process of getting admission seemed very difficult and then I came across HS consultants who guided me and provided me the right path to fulfil my dream. The whole process was a piece of cake after that. The HS consultant team worked through whole process with me and within few months, I was able to secure admission in Charles Sturt University, Melbourne, Australia. I got my Visa in a few days and I will be leaving for Australia in a short time. I appreciate the efforts of HS consultant team and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their help and guidance. Especially I would like to thank Miss Shahnaz , Miss fareeha, Sir Anjum and staff for their efforts and mentorship.
By: Zaid Toor, Student



Once done with Alevels its hard to decide with university suits best. HS was the only name i heared from Pakistani students living abroad. Then decided to meet HS consultant. I mer Mr. Jamil( for me he is not only consultant but mentor and family). Where i was eager to start my journey HS drives my way to APU (Malaysia) and my journey starts. In short he drives my way to the APU which is well known for its educational standard as well for multiculture. Alhamdulillah he helped me through making decisions for my career and its proven worthy. Currently i am student of Accounting and Finance (Bachelors). Mr. Jamil was the first person who was following me throughout my journey from karachi to Kuala lumpur. Whenever i need guidance and help they are always there for me as they never forget their students. HS consultants are very dedicated to their work for which they deserve appreciation. They simply does not send students takes fees and forget rather they look after them , though this responsilibity doesnt belongs to them once student is settled. HS is the name only can be trusted blindly. They are the brand and my loyality belongs to them. Whenever anyone asks for consultancy I recommend HS Consultants.
By: Haseeb Masroor, Student


After completing my A levels I was very indecisive about my further studies. To explore options I searched online and came accross HS consultants’ website and got to know about their free Seminar at Movenpick Hotel. I met Sir Noman at resgistration desk and he asked me to meet Navitas representative. After assessing my case he referred me to Sir Jamil Iqbal who handled my case further. As I was willing to go to Australia so he put forward all the options I could avail. After this meeting I went home and discussed with my family. Next I met Sir Jamil with my family and he answered all the queries. After this I started my application processing with Sir Jamil Iqbal and he answered all my queries and guided me through thin and thick. Today I got my Visa Grant and I am very thankful to HS consultants. Especially Sir Jamil, Sir Noman and Sir Masroor. It was a great experience with HS consultants and I wish to refer more students to HS consultants. Every student willing to study abroad must try HS consultants. I recommend all my friends and family to visit and get your process done by HS consultants.
By: Ajay Kumar, Student



After completing my A levels. I went to different consultancy firms and i found Hs Consulants are best in dealing and (Mr. JAMEEL) this person just listen and guide me like an elder brother and according to my educational interest. Today, I am studying Business Management with Specialization in E Business From APU (Asia Pacific University of Innovation and technology) Malaysia. Apu is one of the recongize university in Malaysia for its diverse culture and quality of education. HS Consultant is the name in which you can trust blindly. Thankyou Mr.Jameel for your Guidance.
By: Umer Safdar, Student


I first visited HS in august 2017, recommended by my family member. The day I opted HS I did not go for any other consultant because I was sure that they are highly professional, informed and trustworthy. Sir Jamil handled my case and he's one of the best human being I came across in a very long time. I entered with a very weak case and he turned it into a strong case. I am glad I chose HS, they worked really hard to turn my dreams into a reality. I highly recommend HS, they made my life easy.
By: Maheera Dhank, Student



For getting a visa one of the most important thing is going to the right consultant to present your case. Experience with HS consultant was very nice. They create a friendly environment and are very helpful and supportive. They eliminate every single thing which can be a cause of visa rejection. They made my case very strong and help me to prepare for the interview. It usually takes more than a month for visa approval but i got it in 11 days with the help of HS consultants. I highly recommend HS consultants to the students.
By: Arslan Javed, Student


Now a days many of students wanted to start their higher studies abroad to get good quality education and after that good quality job as well as international exposure. I started thinking of getting higher education abroad few years ago but after completion of masters I started visiting education consultants and searched a lot and finalised Australia best place for me to get my further studies.during visit to many consultants I fade up many times because when a student visit to consultant and having conversations with them it seems like everything is ready you just have to go and start your studies but it’s not like that but when I visited H.S consultant they clearly told me it’s not that much easy, but I started my procedure with H.s and during my procedure I found them very active and positive towards my case specially Jamil bhai he guided me very well and treated me like a younger brother he is very honest person so I finalised my case and with the grace of God got visa few days ago. So I recommend H.S consultants to the students they are very supportive.
By: Arsh Kataria, Student



Whenever a student makes a decision to persue his further studies abroad there are alot of different things you hear from many different people. This is helpfull for you but it also makes it hard for you to make a decision. When few of my friends recomended me to visit HS Consultantants, I visited them. After meeting Mr. Jamil for the first time, the things that he told and the advices which he gave were very helpfull. Therefore, I went on to apply for the universities, which I desired, through HS Consultant. From the beginning, I was made aware of every step. Moreover, if there was any querry, Mr. Jamil was always there to help me. They did not only made my case strong through documemation but they also helped me to prepare for my interview which helped me alot when I recieved the call from the Embassy. Due to their efforts, my visa application was accepted in aproximately 3 weeks from the day my case was forwarded. I have seen few of my friends recieving their visa in 3-4 months. Considering this I can only be thankful to HS Consultants for treating my case in this manner and guiding me in every step of the process.
By: Mughshum Shahzad, Student


I wanted to start my International career through gaining a foreign masters degree. I was really confused to what course and country to chose. Then I visited HS Consultants. Who not only guided me with the most suitable course but also in selecting the best country. Jamil Bhae handled my case with utmost care and helped me select Australia for my masters degree. I am really grateful of him. He is a true professional. I recommend everyone who is looking to start their studies abroad to chose HS Consultants and Jamil bhae to get their case processed. My process was clear and crystal and HS consultant dealt with it professional. I barely had to do anything. Best experience ever.
By: Hammad Siddiqui, Student



Very professional, reliable and trustworthy people. They do not give you any FALSE hopes like other consultants do. Mr.Jamil Iqbal helped me in processing my application to university of South Australia and I achieved 50% scholarship. Keep it up HS Consultants.
By: Umair Mehmood, Student


After my graduation i decided to study Masters from Australia and Sir Humail guided me like his younger brother the whole team has been really supportive especially Miss Fariha she guided me like a true professional. I got visa within three days thank u for your support. Hs Consultant is the best.
By: Haseeb Ahmad, Student



HS Consutants (Lahore Office) are providing one of the best consultancy service in Pakistan. I’m humble and grateful to HS consultants for their bestest effort i appreciate the positive influence you have in my life. Thank-you for your concern and useful advice especially Brother Ahsan, MA'AM Shahnaz and their respectable team who guided me properly and helped me to achieve my dream. I have got my visa of Australia this is the bestest thing that ever happened to me this was not possible without the support of HS Consutants as well as My family Members and Friends. Thanks for the providing the bestest services.
By: Ali Ahmed, Student


So here is my story of getting into University of Manitoba which is a state University. I’ve completed my O levels from Beaconhouse School System and then A levels privately. I went to HS Consultants by coincidence. Initially some other consultant was handling my case. I applied for study visa of Canada and I was planning to go to a college in Toronto, Ontario. Jamil Bhai, who works in HS Consultants professionally handled a case of my cousin who went to University of Wollongong, Sydney, Australia. He suggested me to visit Jamil bhai in HS Consultants. When I went there, Jamil bhai told me that I am going in the wrong direction. I had a budget issue so with that keeping in mind he referred me to join University of Manitoba which is a reputable university. Now I am here in University of Manitoba. Now I realise that I’ve made the right decision with all the help and assistance from Jamil bhai. He is the best counselor and a well wisher. Thank you Jamil bhai and HS consultants.
By: Mohammad Umair, Student


HS consultants handled my case excellently. I got admission in a well reputed university and gor my visa processed in just a week. Their consultants are hardworking and very competent. I'll recommend HS consultants to students willing to complete their higher education in Australia.
By: Ali Murad, Student


Today in Karachi there are many agents and organisations to help students pursue their furthers studies outside Pakistan,i chose HS consultants. The staff is very humble and hard working i must say,i went there in December 2017 as i wanted to go to Australia for my bachelors.They suggested me the best universities for my field and Allhumdulilah i got admission in Deakin University and i was granted visa in 10 days.All thanks to my counselor Ms.Ayesha and her team.
By: Huzef Irshad, Student