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Money and living expenses

Spend Wisely!

Living expenses will vary day to day depending on what state or city you decide to move. The average annual cost of study which would include tuition fees and living expenses could round up to USD$33,000 per year. However, this can increase dramatically with private institutions costing USD$35,000 or more for tuition fee.

Other miscellaneous costs should be consider in your budget should include study visa and application fees, university administration fee, student application fee, any fees for services, any processing fees as well as insurance as health cover to use the on-campus to avail medical facilities for general check-ups, and/or prescriptions for common sicknesses.

Most university campuses offer a meal plan for students which allow them to dine at the on-campus facilities.

Banking and Payments

To manage money there could be number of choice one can consider. Student can set up a bank account with any available bank and some institutions have relations with specific banks that can offer student benefit in terms of discounts and access to different facilities.

There are two types of accounts.

  1. Checking account: Which is intended for frequent deposits and withdrawals
  2. Savings account: Money deposited into the account is meant to be saved to get interest on it.

To open a bank account the follow documents are required:-

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of active postal address
  • I-94 card
  • I-20, DS-2019 and I-797
  • Enrolment Verification Card
  • Letter from the International Students Office

Organizing Phone and Internet

Coming to set up your phone and internet connections, student can have three main options:

Landline: Most convenient way when living off campus

Mobile – (Prepaid): Gives control over utilization

Mobile – (Postpaid): Mobile Data and Calling bundles with annual plan

International Calling

These are more expensive compared to local calls within the U.S. Its better to buy an international calling card which have reduced rates and available at most of general stores or even use an online option like Skype or FaceTime as an alternative.


There are a multiple options for Internet services providers in America but it's a good idea to find the plan that offers best price and download limits with budget.

Most institutions provide free Wi-Fi services from which student can access with your specific details. If you can't access the Internet through own laptop or computer, but can surely find one to use in the student library.

Internet is also available at some public places, public transport, some internet providers may ask you to pay to access this service.

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