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Money and Living Expenses

Spend your money wisely

Enjoy a happy life while studying in the UK with staying healthy and managing living expenses of day to day routine but this can vary from place to place depending on what life style one can choose.

UK Government encourages International students need around:

£1,265 per month to live in London as internationals student

£1,015 per month to live outside London as international student

You can use some online websites that can help manage budgeting while your time in UK that evaluate and calculate living cost in UK with updated stats from crowd source data.

Banking and Payments

The purchases and sale in UK is made through pound sterling or smallest denomination in pence, where credit card or debit card also come in handy for transactions.

Currency is the same across Scotland and Northern Ireland but use different style of notes, as Scottish and Northern Irish banks print their own notes and are usually accepted in the rest of the UK as well.

Number of UK banks take on request to open an account for international student while they are living in the UK and To open an account at such bank some basic documents are required:

  • ID document (Passport)
  • Offer Letter and CAS
  • Postal Address while living in UK
  • Reference letter from home bank (from home country)

To access money from account, you can easily:

  • Use online banking or telephonic banking service
  • Visit local bank’s branch
  • ATM machine are accessible

Organize Cellular Data and Mobile Usage

Arriving in the UK would definitely push you towards getting internet connection and telephonic connection to communicate.

There are three main options:

1. Landline

2. Mobile – prepaid

3. Mobile - post paid

Making international calls

International calls will cost expensive compared to local calls within UK for which it is suggested to buy international calling card, which gives better rates or one can use online application to connect. International Calling is usually available at any convenience stores.

Internet Access

Most educational institutes provide free Wi-Fi on campus which can be accessed with student login and password details provided. If internet can’t be accessed through own laptop or computer, it can usually access through at the student library, or off-campus public library or internet café.

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