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Finding the right residency in UK

Student have four main options to find a place to stay during studies.

Depending on requirement and budget student can choose to rent a flat or live on campus or prefer to live in a private hall of residence, or possibly live with a local family. There’s a possibility where student can also need to find short-term accommodation such at hotels, hostels or ‘bed and breakfast’ when first arriving in UK.

Living on campus can be considered as a convenient options, as someone won’t need to travel far daily, and it is easier to socialize to new friends on campus.

While renting a property gives privacy if someone prefers to live alone, or share the cost of accommodation if someone decides to live with friends.

No matter which option student consider, it should be accountant:

  • How does one wants to live that would reflect on their extra costs for bills
  • Distance from campus also matters to calculate traveling cost
  • Simple necessity also are considered such as nearby shopping centres, restaurants and health services

There are many different accommodation options across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

  • On campus accommodation
  • privately managed halls of residence
  • private accommodation
  • homestay accommodation
  • short-term accommodation

Halls of residence (Accommodation On Campus)

Such accommodations offer student their own bedroom but share facilities of kitchen with others. Most halls of residence are managed by universities themselves, but others are run by private companies.

Privately managed halls of residence

These are single study bedrooms in flats with a shared kitchen/living area, which are safe secure homes, where students can study and socialize in comfort.

Private Accommodation

Students can rent a place on self or share with others. Sharing is common for students in the UK as it helps to reduce costs and can be sociable. If planning to rent a private accommodation, student should think about costs involved for living for utilities (gas, electricity and water) and TV license.

Homestay Accommodation

A ‘homestay’ accommodation is referred as where a international student can choose to live with a UK family in their own home.

Short-term accommodation

Arriving for the first time in UK as a student should consider to find short-term accommodation such as Hotels and ‘bed and breakfasts’ after which it is easier to move on towards other accommodation options.

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