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Guide to study Malaysia

Malaysia is the 11th best UNESCO overseas study course for international students. Malaysia is a developing country with a prosperous economy and a world-renowned education system that attracts foreign students from 100 countries each year. Especially students from Asia, benefit from the twin programs offered by the branch campuses of overseas universities in Malaysia and earn degrees from the UK, USA, and Australia at half the cost. The relatively low cost of living and tuition in Malaysia has made it a favorite among foreign students. In terms of the growth and development of the education system, Malaysia has made significant progress over the past decade through partnerships with international institutions. The general requirements for studying abroad in Malaysia are summarized in the guide below:

Requirements for Admissions in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 2021

Admission requirements in Malaysia vary from university to university and vary according to the program you choose. The minimum education requirements cover 75% of the previous degree and must be obtained from a recognized institution in your country. If you are taking an engineering, doctoral, or IT degree; over 80% marks are required in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. You may have to appear for a take to examine your academic skills and English communication skills before you agree to enroll.

In graduate studies, entry requirements include professional experience and a proposal for research programs designed for research. If you choose to study at the UK, USA, Australia, or Australian branch campus or universities in Malaysia, the admission requirements will be almost the same except for the more expensive tuition fees on the branch campuses.

Student Visa 2021 for Malaysian Citizens of Pakistan

The Malaysian student visa process is complex and requires details. The first step in obtaining a student visa in Malaysia is to obtain an offer letter from a university in Malaysia. You in charge of the center in Malaysia will send a visa authorization (VAL) to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). In the Visa authorization document you will be asked to submit documents including a Copy of your previous academic record, donation letter from a Malaysian institution, your passport, photographs, medical examination permit, the personal obligation for safety) and English technical testing certificate. After submitting these documents Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will accept your visa application and issue you with an Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) letter of authority. When you will enter in Malaysia, you need to have an Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) letter attached to your passport. The immigration department will provide a special temporary suspension for approximately 30 days until you obtain a student pass in Malaysia. For passing through students in Malaysia you will need to provide an offer letter issued by your Malaysian University hosting, your passport, and visa (VAL).

Malaysia Permanent Residence for Pakistani Students Who Want to Stay in Malaysia

Students must go through the difficult process of obtaining a permanent residence in Malaysia. After completing your education from Malaysia, if you do not have an employment contract and support from being a Malaysian citizen you will have to repatriate your country first until you get a job. If you get a job during your education, you can apply for a Visit Pass (Professional) that will work for six to 12 months. After obtaining information from a Malaysian company or institution you can apply for employment and your employer will apply for a work permit or permanent residence in Malaysia (professional) on your behalf. Students can apply for immigration points in Malaysia after completing their studies from there. If you get 65 points for points based on the immigration process you will receive an offer from the Malaysian immigration department to apply for a visa type that matches your details and eligibility.

Cost of Living and Learning in Malaysia vs Pakistan

Study abroad at Malaysian universities is not only expensive but also ensures the delivery of quality education. You can estimate the cost of less expensive Malaysian tuition with an example of a Bachelors's degree course at a UK campus branch campus in Malaysia. The same Bachelors's level engineering course (3 years) in the UK is offered for RM144, 000 (USD45, 000) and for studying in Malaysia you will need to spend RM51, 000 (USD16,000) on a twin program. Graduates from Malaysian universities are also recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability testing program. Malaysian universities have lower tuition fees than the universities of Singapore and Japan. The cost of living in Malaysia is very reasonable. A campus accommodation will cost you about USD 130 per month, and in addition to other daily expenses and entertainment and travel expenses the student needs RM1, 200 a month or more depending on your habits and lifestyle.

Student accommodation in Malaysia

There are a variety of student residences in Malaysia that are built in a modern and lifestyle way. You can find halls, hostels, apartments, private apartments, and shared accommodation and that can be very expensive. Accommodation arrangements are an essential requirement for a student visa, proof of which will be requested by the immigration department upon arrival in Malaysia. It is best to book accommodation near your university because most students are known in the country and where they are when they arrive. Booking residency is recommended to apply as soon as you receive a letter of recommendation from the university before the rooms are entered. Your university's residency department will help you find accommodation.

Part-time jobs in Malaysia for Pakistani students

Part-time work is not for students during their semester. However, students can work part-time for 20 hours a week in Malaysia during their semester break. But if you have a real reason you can work part-time in Malaysia during the semester but then you will need to seek permission from the immigration department through your holding center.

Now that you have an idea about Study in Malaysia, start browsing courses in Malaysia now and plan your study overseas!

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