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Accommodation Support in Malaysia

Accommodation in Malaysia is a reasonable price: double basic rooms start at about RM45 (£ 9 / US $ 14), while standard rooms can cost as little as RM100 (£ 20 / US $ 32), including breakfast. For a small purchase, you could open a luxury, four-star room for RM250 (£ 50 / US $ 80).

Here are few options to go with:

  • Guesthouses, hostels, and accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Tents
  • Tall houses
  • Home houses

The cheapest way to stay is at a hostel, a guest house or a dormitory. These are usually found in well-visited areas, such as Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Kota Bharu, Cherating, Kuching, Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan. On the other side of the scale, luxury hotels offer a level of luxury and style to match anything in the world. Many medium and high-end hotels also offer promotional discounts that reduce 20 percent or more; check online or simply ask if you are coming without booking. Long-term discounted prices - anything more than two weeks - are also often available.

Booking in advance is important to make sure you get a budget or a room in between during major festivals such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali, or school holidays. Prices remain stable throughout the year, rising slightly during these popular times.

At the end of the market budget, you will need to share a bathroom, in most cases there will be a shower with a Western-style bathroom. Rooms may contain Note two single beds or double beds; triple multiplication will be triple or a combination of doubles.

Although there are many rural areas in Malaysia, there are few legal opportunities for camping, perhaps because the guesthouse and hotels are very reasonable, and because the heat and humidity, not to mention insect catering, makes the camp something only foreigners can volunteer to do. Where there are camps, usually in nature parks, they can work for free or charge about RM10 per person per night; resources are basic and may not be well maintained. A few dormitories and camps (in Taman Negara, for example) have sturdy A-tents and other rental items, but you usually need to bring all your gear.

Different sports options and institutions taken internationally, studying abroad in Malaysia allows students to build international ties and expand their professional horizons. With the low cost of living and favorable weather, it is not surprising that the destination is very popular. But between scheduling your tuition fees and the needs of immigrants, finding student accommodation can feel like a very trying part of external research. Let our full view of student accommodation in Malaysia help make things easier for you.


Most Malaysian universities will provide accredited accommodation, located on the campus of foreign students. Campus accommodation in Malaysia is very different than in countries like the USA and the UK, where ‘campus’ accommodation usually refers directly to living in a residence hall. In Malaysia, housing on campus can be in the form of a residence or student hostel, each with different facilities and rental rates. All universities accept foreign students with an international accreditation office whose functions are to help find accommodation and stability in the lives of Malaysian students, so do not be afraid to use the services they offer.

Students with the option of staying in the living room will need to research their options before arriving in Malaysia, or appropriately, as soon as they have received the offer. You will need to apply for a place in the hall and send your application directly to your manager following the time frame. Students should pursue and verify this information on their guardian's website.


Student hostels are the most common type of student accommodation provided in Malaysia. With a variety of community centers and accommodations, living in a student hostel is almost the same as living in a shared college dormitory or even dormitories. Students can share rooms or have private rooms within a public space.


It is common for students at home and abroad to live in campus-free homes while studying in Malaysia. Found as a type of student communities, most student dormitories are far from the center of the campus and can be shared houses, apartments, or studio apartments, usually with three, four bedrooms, living quarters, and public spaces. As with on-campus housing, students will need to apply for off-campus housing directly through their hosted university.

Managed apartments are usually shared and come in both used and unused, but are usually not available within the larger student community’ as many on-campus housing options. While rental costs vary between cities and institutional agreements, students can expect to pay something like MYR1500-MYR2500 (US $ 460-US $ 767) per month, including resources.

Student agencies and private hiring

There are also many housing units focused on student housing. Most university admission offices will be able to help you contact these agencies, or you can contact them directly. As with any local marketplace, prices and availability of goods vary greatly from place to place, from budget to budget. On average, the monthly rent for one-bedroom in the city center is about MYR1,530 (the US $ 470). While some student institutions will help you arrange accommodation before arrival, students who wish to rent privately will usually not be able to find housing until they arrive in Malaysia. If so, students are advised to have a self-defense plan and possibly plan to stay in a hostel while planning their details. With so many other student housing options, there should be no reason to find yourself homeless.


Malaysia is a hot and cold country, so many rental costs will change depending on whether they include air conditioning or not. Make sure you ask exactly what ‘air-conditioning’ means: sometimes a cheap rental room with ‘air-conditioning’ can mean a small desk lover.

University-owned accommodation is priced but where possible, be sure to make a practical trip and contact student ambassadors who live there or know more about it. If you live in a student hostel, type the hostel name on tourist sites, forums, and search engines: the hostel may be targeted at students, but may also be hosted or temporary. Tourist destinations probably always have a review and comment section, and they often rank hostels in terms of cleanliness, cost, and atmosphere.

Now that you have an idea of your accommodation options while studying in Malaysia, start browsing courses in Malaysia now and plan your study overseas!

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