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Scholarships in Germany

Being the strongest economy and providing the best academic environment, Germany provides the best chances to achieve your degree with a unique real cultural experience. Germany also provides relaxation as far as budget is concerned. Studying in Germany is not a high-cost program as compared to other European countries. Studying abroad always requires the best financial management skills. In this regard, Germany proves to be a student-friendly country for international students in terms of living, traveling, and academic costs. There are different scholarship programs carried out by well-known organizations in Germany for foreign students. Scholarships are great assistance for hardworking and ambitious students who can only dream of studying abroad. The following are the well-known scholarship options for foreign students to study in Germany. These organizations are playing a major role as they offer a stable platform for diligent and deserving students.

DAAD Organization

There is an amazing organization named German Academic Exchange Service, which is a joint venture of different higher institutions to promote academic relations at the international level. Their main focus is on the academic courses, exchange of students, and offering different scholarships. There are different conditions for offering different scholarships. Most of them require a bachelor's degree that should not be more than six years old and two years of work experience. This organization is also known as DAAD Organization. It provides 850€ to 1200€ monthly depending upon the degree program.

Heinrich Boll foundation

This foundation offers almost 1200 scholarships per year to the students opting for different educational courses. The students need to be enrolled in German universities. The scholarships depend upon academic performance as well as social interests. It provides different amounts of scholarships for two years, depending upon different programs. The scholarships can be extended for six months twice on a request.

Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Program

They provide scholarships to competent and ambitious students from all over the world. It also provides scholarships to the students studying in different universities of Germany without considering the nationality or income. The scholarship is for two years. However, the university analyses the performance of the student after two semesters to assess whether the student still fulfills the standard to get a scholarship or not.

Konrad-Adenauer- Stiftung Scholarships

The scholarships are offered to the students with outstanding academic performance as well as taking part in political activities. It is especially to encourage foreign students. It is for those students who want to do PHD or research work. The Ph.D. students from the developing countries that are experiencing political evolution are the priority. They offer different amounts depending upon the academic course. The scholarship program also strengthens the relationship between different countries and Germany through cultural networks and dialogues.

Erasmus Scholarship Program

Erasmus is another good choice for foreign students to study in Germany. This program is funded by the EU and is offered to students coming from the different continents of the globe. The students need to get registered from higher education and then signed by the university of their country as well as German university. The scholarship is provided for traveling, living, and academic costs. It is provided for one year. Most of the renowned EU universities along with the German universities are part of this program.

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Program

This scholarship is provided for students who want to do a doctorate in Germany. The students must exhibit good performance. It is offered to students from all parts of the world but it is not widely given. Only forty students get the scholarship per year. The eligibility criterion for this scholarship is to learn the German language.

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