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Munich has emerged as a popular international destination for international students for higher studies. Around 15000 are enrolled as international students at different universities of the city. According to the survey conducted by the Department of Labour and Economic Development, foreign students plans to complete their studies in Munich and seek employment opportunities as qualified experts and professional at this beautiful destination. There is another factor of low fee structure in this city as compared to the other international venues which attract students to come here and complete their higher studies. AMIGA project in Munich also supports retaining qualified and skilled migrants to become integrated with the local working force of the city. In continuation of the project, international students are invited to seminars to learn and know how to become Self Employed, how to obtain residence and work permit with the organization of Job Fairs for foreign students.

There are several reasons mentioned below which inclined students from different parts of the world to come to Munich for their higher studies.

  • Image of German Universities
  • Desire to gather international experience
  • Improvement in career prospects
  • The comparatively low study cost
  • The opportunity of a good job in Germany
  • Existing Knowledge of German
  • Limited career prospects in the student’s home country

Overall study ratings given by the foreign students are ‘’good’’ as the students are very happy with their studies and stay in Munich. The methodologies and organizational qualities which are being taught in universities are world-class regarding their studies. On students, rating scheme students are happy to opt to study of their choice at the same university in Munich.

A good half of the international students are considering staying in Munich after completion of the respective bachelor’s or master’s degree program. The reason for this aptitude from foreign students is due to high employment opportunities, high-income levels, and the high quality of life in Munich. Various major factors inclined the students from other parts of the world to stay in Munich as their destination.

Several study financing options are being observed in the city’s education system. Most of the students are getting study finances to form their parents or family. A good percentage of the international students are meeting their financial with Savings and Employment in a field that is related to their studies. There are scholarships available from Germany for the students with a paid internship as another means of meeting their financials of education and stay. BAFOG is considered as another helpful way for the students, this is a German student's grant given by the authorities on the satisfaction of criteria.

In several areas, students from Asia and Africa face problems due to the non-command of the German Language. Most employers make it a precondition for an employment opportunity that an applicant must have a good command of the German language. International students should seek an early opportunity to familiar with the local language with the help of course selection at an early stage of their presence in Munich. The local Govt. of the city is working hard to ensure more accommodation available especially in consideration of the needs of international students.

It is in the best interest of the City of Munich and the Local Economy to accommodate as many foreign students as in the economy after completion of their respective studies. The thought behind this strategy of the City is to ensure the formation of a highly qualified Labour pool in the economy or to start their businesses.

The survey shows most of the international student’s take-up opportunities in the Munich employment market. On completion of the studies about one-sixth of the foreign students plan to go self-employed or work as a freelancer.

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