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Germany has some of the best and most sought-after educational institutes in the world for higher studies. It is the world's third-leading destination for international study. The established universities in Germany include some of the oldest in the world, It is important to understand that all German universities maintain a very high standard of teaching and research, varying only in the department of individual subjects on which basis they might be compared while picking out one. Govt. of Pakistan encourages and facilitates its students going to Germany for higher studies and those meeting the criteria of merit are also provided with necessary financial assistance/ scholarships to complete their studies in Germany through HEC. Some of the most leading universities of Germany are discussed below. In all, there are about 259 universities in Germany that offer education in English. Some of the topmost universities are discussed below:-

  • LMU - the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, is ranked 32nd by Time and 62nd by QS in the world ranking. The curriculum incorporates the whole range of academic disciplines, from Assyriology to Zoology, and the range of available subject combinations is correspondingly varied. Research activities at LMU Munich cover the entire range of academic disciplines from the Humanities and Cultural Sciences to Law, Economics, and the Social Sciences to Medicine and the Natural Sciences. Expenses are around 10,000 € per semester.
  • Ranked 43rd by Time and 61st by QS in the world ranking, The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s leading research universities. Numerous Nobel laureates and inventors such as Carl von Linde, Rudolf Mossbauer, and Rudolf Diesel, have research here. It was recognized as the “University of Excellence” in 2006 and 2012. It regularly places among the best German universities as far as the international rankings are concerned. Expenses are around 9,750 € per semester.
  • Ranked 44th by Time and 64th by QS in the world ranking, Heidelberg University is one of Germany’s leading universities. It has about 21 English Study Programs for international students. It was declared a university of excellence in 2019. Educational expenses are around 7,050 € per semester.
  • Maintains its education standard over 200 years time the University of Bonn is one of Germany's leading universities. The location of the university is ideal for international students, where they can find more opportunities. There are two Nobel laureates from the university. It is ranked 105th by Time and 255th by QS in the world ranking. Academic expenses are around 4,500 € per semester.
  • Being 200 years old, the Humboldt-University was chosen “University of Excellence” in June 2012 and is ranked 74th by Time and 121th by QS in the world ranking. Academic expenses are around 4,500 € per semester.
  • Founded in 1457, the University of Freiburg offers 28 English Study Programs to foreign students. It is ranked 86th by Time and 186th by QS in the world ranking. Numerous renowned philosophers, top researchers, and Nobel laureates have taught and researched at this University. The recent success of the university in the “Excellence” competitions, in 2007 for research and 2009 for instruction, is proof enough of its position as one of the leading universities of the 21st century. Educational expenses are around 6000 € per semester.

German education system is highly recommended to opt for higher studies in one of the universities mentioned above.

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