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Students of German higher education lives in halls managed by an institution or private residence, usually organized by themselves. German universities, unlike other countries, do not set up student enrollment rooms. Due to the large number of students seeking accommodation, new students are encouraged to make reservations in advance, prior to arrival. The International Office located at universities can provide advice and information to foreign students regarding local accommodation options.

Student Residence Halls:

Student residence halls are common in all university towns, sometimes with multiple locations. This type of housing combination is usually the most expensive option for students. However, places are often limited and in high demand and therefore early application is recommended if the student wishes to have the best chance of success. This application can be submitted when the student receives notice of their admission to the university. Applications should be directed to the organization of the Student Learning Centers of the university or 'Studentenwerk', an office responsible for the management and allocation of student residence halls.

Private Accommodation:

Private housing markets vary around the world and Germany is no exception. Students can choose from a variety of options, including single rooms, fully furnished apartments or shared apartment space. Flat shares (known as WG or Wohngemeinschaft) are where several students interact in one sitting. Each person has a place to sleep, but shares a kitchen, bathroom and communal areas. Certain costs, such as internet and telephone packs, are shared among all residents. Flat stocks are a popular option among students. Wg-gesucht is a popular website dedicated to finding others who want to work with. Due to contracts in common stock arrangements between residents and landowners themselves, students will need to arrange a private residence once they have arrived in Germany. Apartment viewing appointments can be arranged in advance online.

The First Nights:

Students who choose to arrange a personal residence will need to find the right accommodation while searching. The Foreign Office can provide assistance and advice to international students in this regard. Some universities offer international students, through Studentenwerk and / or religious organizations, first-class residency as they seek permanent residency in Germany. Private options, such as hotels or guesthouses (Pensions) are also available. For those interested in hostels, membership in the Youth Hostel Federation is required, which can be found at any hostel around the world for a small fee.

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