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Montreal: Ideal Student Destination

Bonne journée

It is one of the biggest city in the French-speaking province in Québec. It has many historical sites and famous eateries. Providing a blend of old and new dynamic ways and giving a taste of Europe in North America.

Montréal is one of the most bilingual cities in Canada as almost two-third of the populace can speak both English and French. You need to learn the basics of French so that you can communicate in confidence. The only thing you’ve to be aware of it’s long and cold climate. The winters start from late November and ends in April. The blanket of snow will cover your cars, roads, and gardens. Hence, the hurdle in traveling/ commuting.

Tips for getting equipped for winters:

  • Buy a warm clothing, socks and knitted winter cap. You can buy these accessories from Saint-Catherine St and The Bay (a centuries-old Canadian department store).
  • RESCO is the underground city at the heart of Montreal. It has an interconnected network of shops, office towers, hotels, convention halls, and residential complexes. It has roots in many metro stations. It is a great spot in winters as it gets warm during the winter providing the perfect cover to get around downtown and far from sub-zero temperatures.

Purchase ICEtrekkers

Parts of Montréal gets hilly. For example, McGill University gets fully snow-covered. You’ve to wear ICEtrekkers to walk around the campus.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy. Take a lot of scenic pictures to store your memories while sipping hot coffees, hot chocolates along with delicious pastry from the nearby cafés where you can grab yourself a hot chocolate and a delicious pastry. Amongst many infamous cafes include; Milton B, MELK Bar à Café and Dispatch Coffee.

A foodie? Revolve around the Montreal:

It is known for the best food cities in Canada. These include:

Schwartz’s Deli

It offers a signature Montréal smoked meat sandwich. It is introduced long before 90 90 years. The time has changed but the restaurant continues to serve as a landmark of Jewish immigrant cuisine on lively St. Laurent Blvd.

Le Warehouse

It is based in downtown between McGill and Concordia University and known amongst students because of its affordable prices.

St. Viateur or Fairmount Bagel

It offers famous wood fire baked Montreal styled bagels.

Frite Alors

You can have the best poutine in different styles. It has French fries (frites in French), cheese curds and gravy.


St. Laurent Blvd.

It has numerous clubs, bars, pubs. Historically, it represented the border separating Montreal’s English community to the West and the French community to the East.

Le Darling

It is a famous place for drinks, bar food, and late-night snacks. It is build based on the vintage décor.

Apt. 200

A lively spot for you to enjoy their nightlife. You can fun and chill out with friends at a bar, pool table, and retro arcade games.

Kampai Garden

It is located in Saint-Catherine. The great restaurant serves Asian fusion.

Le Plateau

The area is populated from the students and is widely recognized for its Bohemian character, laid-back cafés and restaurants, and spiral staircases.

Other activities other than nightlife and eateries:


Live for the breathtaking and panoramic views of the city so hike up to Mount Roya. Start your trip by walking north on Peel Street.

Go to a music festival

The Igloo fest is hosted by the city in winters. It is one of the famous events amongst the youth. The event takes place at the Old Port district in January. Other than in winters, the festivities also occur in August such as Osheaga with six stages set up in Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saint Helen’s Island.

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