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Travel options available in Australia include buses, trains, trams and boats. Your access to these transportation services will vary depending on where you live. You will also be able to access private and public transport services from taxis to rented limousines, which are available to take you from door to door. Some higher education providers will have their own internal transportation system, which is especially useful if you have to leave your campus late at night or live in an inaccessible area.

Public transportation costs vary depending on where you live in Australia and the type of transport you use. You should consult the appropriate government website for the country or region where you live to see a complete list of available services, timetables, and associated costs. See the details below for transport permits in each region and territory, as well as links to relevant websites.

Transportation Permit


The Australian Capital Territory Government provides transport permits for foreign students when they present their official student identification card or when applying for a MyWay Student Permit Card. For more information on getting the ACT Student Agreement Card please visit the Transport Canberra website.


International students generally do not have the right to submit transport permits to NSW. More information about traveling around Sydney and New South Wales is available on the Transport NSW website. A small number of foreign students who find that their grants are fully funded under certain Australian Government courses may qualify for travel permits. Contact your education provider directly for eligibility details.


In the Northern Territory elementary, middle and high school students go free when presenting a valid student card. University and VET students have the right to travel by unlimited bus for three hours on any public bus service at a cost of $ 1.00 upon presentation of the relevant student card. Full details can be found on the NT Department of Transportation website.


Full-time international students getting education at a Queensland educational institution for a discipline approved by the Austrely Center, Abstudy or Youth Allowance purposes qualify for a public transport permit. The Translink website provides full details of the Queensland license fee.


The South Australian Government provides transport permits to all foreign students when they present their official student identification card. More details on rides and conditions can be found in the Adelaide Metro.


Victoria has a widespread system of trains and buses along with trams. It is easy to use Myki's single ticket system. Students may qualify for a permit card if they study as part of an approved offshore exchange program, if they have refugee status or if they hold an Australian Scholarship. Please ask your education provider to determine if you qualify. Detailed information on Victoria's transport program can be found at Study Melbourne.


Foreign students studying in Tasmania are eligible for the same travel permit as local students. For more information on transport permits in Tasmania please visit the Tasmanian Government Discounts and Concessions website.


Foreign students studying full-time in Western Australia are eligible for a public transport permit. Transperth offers public transport services inside the city of Perth, with an incorporated network of bus, train and boat. This means that with just one ticket, students can board any bus, train or boat and transfer between services within the allotted time. For details on current permit passes visit the Transperth website.


If you have a current driver's license in your country, you may be able to drive in Australia without residency to get another driving test. But keep in mind that many local governments require that you obtain an Australian driver's license if you are here for more than three months. Your license requirements, as well as any driving restrictions, are regulated by the state or local government where you live. Visit the relevant government website or region or go to Australia.gov.au to find out more.

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