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Study IT in Australia

Information Technology is at the forefront of a constantly evolving industry, ready to help and to shape the future. In this developing world, you need to have access to a high level of IT expertise and advanced technology, ensuring that you are ready to get a job in a wide range of roles and industries. At all of these levels, you will be learning from world-class researchers in Australia and professionals who have sent robots into space and predicted the outcome of an organization’s election using data.


System Framework

Bachelor of Information Technology is a new program designed to incorporate from the major partners of the IT industry. By the time you complete the Program, you will have earned a recognized degree in the field; have a foundation for being a leader in the IT field; be able to understand the impact of technological change; be able to inform not only the current use of IT in business and industrial environments but also computer systems; and be able to analyze, design and use up-to-date computer programs including those related to Internet technology, multimedia and web-based applications. As a graduate of this program, you will be given a balance between specific knowledge of specific development tools (languages, applications, development areas) and general lifelong learning skills, which will ensure that you are able to continue moving forward in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

Enormous career options

Unlike many courses, IT offers the student many options for career progression. One can work in any industry and anywhere. All jobs on the face of the earth require the use of computer technology, therefore, making IT professionals the best professionals in the world.

Graduation Outcomes

Depending on your major subject, you may have a job as a system analyst, business analyst, software builder, data manager, program manager, network and management manager, network builder, technology writer, web builder, application builder, game engineer, computer engineer, teacher or researcher. You will be ready for business, industry, corporate IT, government or private consultation.

Global Mobility

There are many opportunities to promote overseas, ranging from a few weeks to a year, available to students at this level.


The Australian Computer Society provides accreditation for Bachelor of Information Technology. This society is recognized worldwide and provides high quality education.


Bachelor of Information Technology is a three-year course with great learning experience. Areas such as web / mobile application development and ICT management are prioritized which have great job prospects. Advanced technologies, for instance, CISCO routers and switches, Amazon cloud servers and virtualization (Hyper-V) infrastructure, are the main focus which makes students understand the recent developments. In the first year, all students study the same subjects and then they are required to choose majors from the following subjects:

  • Information Systems
  • Networks and security
  • Software Development
  • Web and mobile application development
  • System Computing

The minors include: ICT management, Software Development and Network Management. It is required to take approval from your course coordinator prior to your subject selection.


Many prestigious institutions in Australia offers Masters in Information technology (IT) and about 7 of them are among the top 100 institutions in the world. The program has a duration of almost 2 years and is specialize in areas such as cloud computing, communication, data management, etc. Pursuing masters in information technology from Australian universities can cost you about 28,000 AUD to 43,000 AUD.

  • Admission to this program are granted twice a year.
  • Pursuing a two-year master's degree will allow foreign students a two-year work permit.
  • Some of the first IT operations in Australia include Manterl Group, Shippit, Alex Solutions, Versent, Clinicl to Cloud, etc.


The progrmas of Information Technology is based are a number of core disciplines, which include the basics of information technology, such as World Wide Web (WWW) technology, multimedia and Internet design strategies, Java Software, software engineering, electronic data exchange networks. Focus on the basic concepts that allow students to become skilled IT professionals. These core subjects are consistent with elective studies. There is a balance between specific knowledge of specific development tools (languages, applications, development areas) and general lifelong learning skills that ensure that graduates are able to stay at the forefront of this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

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