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Quick Review:

  • State is: Tasmania
  • Population is: 220,000 (Approx).
  • Mean Maximum Temperature is: 22.7 (°C)
  • Mean Minimum Temperature is : 12.2 (°C)
  • 5 Independent and Catholic schools.
  • Australia’s oldest high school; second oldest university.

Studying at Hobart:

Hobart is a small city compared to Australia's major cities but offers world-class educational institutions. Students will have many opportunities to learn careers and courses through a variety of preparation programs and roadblocks, within VET and higher education. Hobart offers the right mix of international and local students that creates an opportunity for students to experience local life, make new friends, and practice their language skills. Hobart offers a welcoming, safe and fresh environment where students can enjoy their student life. No matter what your knowledge or skills are, Hobart is the perfect place to start your academic journey.

Living in Hobart:

Most of the students usually live in Sandy Bay. It is a major part of Hobart and runs a short distance from the city center. Sandy Bay Yacht Club and Hobart Casino are just under the coastal grounds. Student accommodation is usually plentiful, which helps to fill the void left by the good public transport in the city. It can be difficult to find buses away from highways. Students often live in shared rooms between university and city, which makes “everything” within walking distance.

Hobart can be an inspiring place to stay. Most of the houses are built on hills, which give a general view of the harbor. Mount Wellington, often covered with snow in winter, is a constant source of urban life. There are a multiplicity of clubs, restaurants and bars from Sandy Bay to the Elizabeth St Mall in the Central Business District. They cater for students and many visitors from Australia. North Hobart is another busy restaurant and hike. Hobart becomes quite his own during the summer months. It is the state of the post-race festivities of Sydney to the Harbor Yacht Race. It also hosts the Taste of Tasmania Festival at Salamanca Markets near the harbors.

Average weekly costs compare to Other Cities:

Arts and Culture:

New and old art has become Hobart's first tourist attraction, with visitors flocking to see exotic collections of paintings, costumes, and other exotic items chosen by the museum's eccentric multimillionaire museum David Walsh. However, MONA is not the only special Hobart experience awaiting art and culture experts. For example, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery has many engagement exhibitions, including one describing Tasmania's unique relationship with the history of Antarctic exploration. Alternatively, you can visit the Salamanca Precinct to enjoy smaller facilities such as the Despard Gallery, Salamanca Arts Center, Handmark Gallery and Colville Street Art Gallery.

Free crime city:

While crime rates have to change, Hobart has traditionally been lower in price than any of Australia's largest cities. Although burglary is less common in Hobart than in Sydney or Melbourne, more than half involve cars left unlocked and wallets or wallets left unattended.

Graduates earn in Hobart, Tasmania:

Hobart offers medium-sized professional salaries, on average, slightly lower than in other major Australian cities. The following estimated earnings are based on the 2018 Hays Salary Guide, which itself covers a survey of 3,000 businesses in Australia and New Zealand jointly employing approximately 2.3 million people. Hobart have included a sample representing the salaries of famous graduate jobs: if yours isn't listed, contact the Grad Australia website for more details. Note that the normal wages below do not include superannuation.






$90-270 (Approx.)

$150-300 (Approx.)

$165-440 (Approx.)


$80-200 (Approx.)

$80-150 (Approx.)

$100-150 (Approx.)


$12-20 (Approx.)

$40-100 (Approx.)

$35-140 (Approx.)


$15-30 (Approx.)

$40-50 (Approx.)

$20-50 (Approx.)


$20-55 (Approx.)

$20-50 (Approx.)

$20-55 (Approx.)


$280-625 (Approx.)

$380-700 (Approx.)

$370-885 (Approx.)

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