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Health & Support Services

Australia offers a variety of support services for foreign students. This includes services provided by education providers and student unions, as well as local, state, local and local governments.

Australian education providers and Health Service Support

Australian education providers are proud to create a welcoming, friendly and supportive learning experience for foreign students to maintain good physical and mental health. Making friends and helping where needed can make a big difference. There are various resources to help the student's body adjust to life and study in Australia.

Many Australian educational institutions are have small communities inside their campus focusing on the physical health of students. You can join a club or community, improve your health and fitness in the gym, join a sports club, go to a party, or volunteer for community service. See your institution's website for details on all the services and support we offer.

Disability support

Australia has laws that protect people from discrimination in many areas of public health. A person with a disability has the same right to education as a competent student. This means that institutions cannot refuse admission to a student with a disability and ask a student with a disability to meet the non-applicable requirements for strong students (for example, pay a higher fee) who refuses or restricts access to a disabled student (for example, not allowing him or her to travel.

Many institutions offer services to students who need help with their studies due to a disability or chronic health condition. This service may include voice recognition software, hearing aids or note-taking services. If you have special needs, you should contact your center a few weeks before you arrive to make the necessary arrangements.

However, the institution is not legally required to make changes if the changes involve significant difficulties or incur unreasonable costs. The institution must show that change is unfounded. If you are experiencing a problem with your health facility, you should first talk to your facility staff. If informal discussions do not resolve the issue, you can formally file a complaint. Institutions must have a system for students to register complaints.

If you feel you have a legal complaint that your institution may not recognize, you should go to the Australian Human Rights Commission. You can conduct a confidential investigation by telephone, but you must file a formal complaint in writing before the commission can take action.

Child Care

Australian institutions often have child care facilities with trained staff. There are also private and non-profit child care centers around Australia. The Australian government provides financial assistance to assist parents with childcare costs. International students who receive financial aid through a state scholarship may qualify for child care benefits. Find out if you are ready to receive financial assistance for child care.

Why is it important to have an overseas student health cover for students visiting Australia:

It is helpful to consider the cost of treatment while studying in Australia, such as:

  1. A doctor's visit
  2. Hospital
  3. Emergency Ambulance
  4. Prescription drugs

OSHC is required before applying for a Visa for Australian students

Get Student Health Care

The student can apply online and have a policy confirmation in just a few minutes Or consider the OSHC included in the handbook or Contact Admissions to help you plan your health cover.

Get the right health cover

Compare and choose the most appropriate and least expensive health cover.

The Australian government is committed to providing the highest quality education system and to ensuring that foreign students receive the support they need while studying. If you have problems with your education, safety, accommodation or employment, you can call this number, which is owned by the Department of Education. There is no need to provide your name or personal information when making a call.

Details and advice before departure and arrival

Most of the overseas student support units provide information to simplify the Australian migration process, which may include travel advice, student visas, Overseas Student Cover (OSHC) and bank details on airport assistance with accommodation planning details, nearby guests E -Australia.

Guidelines for learning and preparing for study   

All institutions run a student-centered program. Awareness programs are usually held a few weeks before the start of the semester to give students the opportunity to settle down before the start of classes.

Global Student Hotline (Support Services for International Students in Australia
1300 363 079 - Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

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