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Accomodation support in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destination among students. After moving to Australia, one of the biggest concern of a foreign student is finding suitable accommodation. Fortunately, the country offers a wide variety of accommodation options for international students from homestay, university accommodations to a self-catered apartments and shared houses. Accommodation can be catered according to the budget and needs of the students.


Many Australian education providers have accommodation services that provide information and advice on best suitable accommodation options and help students suit their needs. The service can also be arranged for temporary accommodation for students on their first arrival in Australia. Students can contact their institutional accommodation before arriving in Australia.


The cost and availability of accommodation in Australia depends on the type of accommodation you choose. For example, campus accommodation is very popular and requires students to apply for a room well in advance, and rental accommodation is usually readily available and can be arranged upon arrival. The accommodation costs and accessibility fluctuate between regions to region


Before arriving in Australia, it is important to contact your educational institution's accommodation service and inquire about what is available and the costs involved. Student accommodation is often highly sought after and requires prior planning. Consideration for looking for a place to stay includes:

  • The cost will vary depending on your chosen location, city, and type of accommodation.
  • Always verify the total cost and other expenses that you may be asked to pay, such as bond and allowances and make sure they are included in your tenancy agreement.
  • Consider the distance from your campus and how easily it is accessible by public transportation, such as a bus or a train.
  • Find out what shopping centers, hospitals and emergency services are, and other services nearby.

Following options are available for accommodation:


Homestay programs involve an international student living with an Australian family in their home, and are a great way for international students to become fully involved in Australian life. These programs are popular with high school students. Single or shared rooms are generally available, and the cost varies according to the type of room, but is usually $ 110 to $ 270 per week. While food is usually covered at a lower cost, accommodation for self-catering is also available. You can find the complete information on https://www.homestaynetwork.org/ .


Some international students may choose to stay in hostels or guesthouses. Kitchens and bathrooms were shared, and students cooked for themselves. For about $ 80-A $ 135 a week, these places are usually cheaper than university or home accommodation. They also provide an important opportunity for social networking among other international students. At a residential college, students will receive all meals, Bedroom with complete furniture, Easy access to library locations as well as Wifi connections.  2 most famous websites to book Hostels in Australia are:

Websites to book Managed Students Apartments:

They are mostly on the walking distance from your campus or you may take a shuttle service to get to your institute. This is one of the easiest accommodation option in Australia. Australian universities offer housing for their students via residential colleges, halls of residence, or apartments. The cost varies between AUD $200 and AUD $750 including utilities weekly. You can book for them via various websites.

Popular websites for Reservation of Australian Colleges:

Many private high schools offer students full boarding options, inclusive food, cleaning and laundry services. Boarding costs can include student tuition and community after-school activities, with most schools providing a supportive family environment. Tuition fees are charged more than booking fees. On average, boarding school fees around AUD $ 11,000 to $ 22,000 per year.


Many Australian students choose to share the cost of rent with several roommates. Students who choose this type of housing may enter a pre-established family, or they may set up a home with friends. Students generally have to provide one or all of the furniture in the house, as rental facilities are rarely provided. Rental accommodation usually costs about $ 100-A $ 400 per week, and rented accommodation costs about A $ 70-A $ 250 per week. The rent must be paid in advanced in these type of accommodations.

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