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Statement of Purpose

Students applying to the International universities need to submit statement of purpose (SOP). The SOP is one of your key opportunities to help the admissions committee understand your educational goals and determine if you are a good match for the program you are applying for. The purpose of this document is to emphasize to the admissions committee and the Visa officer that you have a strong background and experience in your area of interest and that you have the potential to succeed in graduation abroad.

What is Statement of Purpose?

It is a documents which mostly submitted in the shape of an essay where you can (and should) deal with any defects, gaps, or weaknesses in your academic record. In these cases, you will want to be honest, but be short. It’s best to change the negative for the better by focusing on how you overcame obstacles, always persevered in achieving your goals, and showed resilience. Share what you have learned from some experience, and how it has led you to become a better researcher / expert / person, etc. in future.

Importance of Statement of Purpose:

SOP is one of the most important pieces of your admission and visa application of your study program as it:

  • Provides details to the reader to understand your educational background and interests
  • Allows you to indicate in your own words what distinguishes you from other applicants
  • It helps them to see that you are a good match for your intended programmer
  • Also indicates your communication style and power as it sell you in front of the admission and visa adviser.

Information which is considered Important to enter in Statement of Purpose:

There are almost every area and many elements which needs to be discussed in Statement of Purpose.

  1. General Introduction
  2. All Academic Details
  3. Professional Experiences/Certification
  4. Explain how this course is to be your area of interest to study
  5. Also explain why you decided to pursue a degree in this field and why.
  6. Why you consider this specific institute to study in.
  7. Financial Capacity/Background
  8. Extra-Curricular activities/Achievements
  9. Career Opportunities after having degree from Abroad
  10. Paper publications
  11. General Interests/Hobbies

Tips for writing a good Statement of Purpose?

  • Your statement of Purpose must be free of spelling or grammar errors
  • Try to Use strong, clear and concise writing
  • Avoid getting into arguments with repeated language
  • Stay away from extremely informal language
  • Maintain a positive and confident tone in writing the whole document
  • Avoid copy and paste pattern from web browsers
  • Avoid sensitive financial information
  • Avoid too many technical terms.
  • Do not lie in Your Statement of Purpose, dishonesty can lead to refusal or rejection.
  • Review earlier before Submitted

It’s critical to check what you’ve written. Re-analyzing will help correct the flow, vocabulary, sentence creation errors, long sentences and different grammar issues. Get a second opinion, may be from your professor, senior or an HS assigned counsellor.

We HS have our own content writer to guide and assist you about it. Our skilled and competent counsellor always happy to guide you in writing a good statement of purpose to help secure a seat in the institute of your choice.

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