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Protect yourself with Health Cover

Health Insurance:

Non-EU students must receive private health insurance. You can buy insurance in your country; however, you will need to make sure that it applies to Ireland and other countries you plan to attend. There are different levels of private health insurance. Students are guided to read their policy documents carefully. INIS requires that, if you have health insurance from your country you must reserve up to € 25,000 for hospital treatment.

Medical cost insurance is available for about € 160 from Study and Protect. This insurance policy will satisfy the visa / arrival requirement for private health insurance and can be obtained before students come to Ireland. For more information about this insurance please visit Study and Protect at http://www.studyandprotect.com/

Most comprehensive plans are available at one of three independent health insurance companies in Ireland: VHI, AVIVA or Laya Healthcare. Please note that in order to apply for a policy from one of these companies you will need to provide an address in Ireland and for the AVIVA service you need to have a PPS number. Also be aware that medical cover usually starts immediately with VHI or AVIVA. There is usually a 'waiting time' of six months.

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