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Places to visit

Welcoming and incredibly rich in culture, in Ireland, the "Emerald Isle," is definitely going to put a bad eye on you. You will love its friendly people; a sense of self-control; a sad but exciting history; with its rugged, romantic spaces. This is the 'world of saints and scholars,' with more Nobel laureates in literature than any other country in the world. In addition, the capital of the state of Dublin was designated a UNESCO Library City in 2010.


Rowdy, weird Dublin certainly needs no introduction! A city with people, Guinness-fuels and Georgian architecture, this great city continues to attract travellers from far and wide whose culture and heritage, class and hedonism. Set in the heart of the beautiful coast of the Irish Sea, the town contains St Patrick's largest Cathedral (the largest of its kind in Ireland) and the renowned Dublin Writers Museum, where travellers can uncover the lives of Joyce, Yeats et al. The Guinness Storehouse also attracts tasters with its artificial females, while whiskey distilleries have never been too far and Temple Bar Square is famous for its love of food, killer restaurants and drinking joints.

The Cliffs of Moher:

One of the most visited natural sites in all of Ireland, the Moher Cliffs rise from portions of the Atlantic Ocean as sheltered as gemstones. In addition, they are covered by the trademark of the island with lush green grass, and the Galway Bay waters crash and glow in front of the stone below. At 120 feet in height, these massive glaciers offer spectacular views of the coast and the Aran Islands at sea, while the new visitor centre makes it easy for travellers to uncover hundreds of millions of years of geographical history that helped create sandwich and shale paintings.

Killarney National Park:

Driven among the many revitalized nature treasures of Central Kerry, the reach of Killarney National Park is unmatched. Adapted by UNESCO and being trampled by a magnificent herd of wildlife, the area holds a large swath of intricate tobacco, Yew and ash forest. These are set within the beautiful Lakes of Killarney, which serve as a mirror under the tops of the Purple Mountains. The whole area is a definite mecca for hikers and wildlife lovers, who can weave between bugs, trees full of moss-caks and more, all with a swift company, kingfishers and ospreys.

The Rock of Cashel:

Gaining some gothic mystery and eerie charm from all Game of Thrones-style turrets and finally, tearing down walls and doors with gilded houses, this Cashel Rock sticks out like an ancient monument on the green hills of County Tipperary in the south. The area was the fortress of the Munster kings back in the middle ages, and the founders have built it as a Round Tower and Cormac's Chapel since then - many of whom represented English invaders in later years. There are also some beautiful Celtic stone tombs to see, not to mention the shocked views of the magnificent Munster backcountry building.

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