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Employment while you study in Ireland

Have you just finished your undergraduate studies in Ireland University? The Irish government allows you to extend your stay for six months to secure employment as part of the Third Level Graduate Scheme. If you qualify for the program, you will be given one supplement that can be renewed on your current student permit for a period of six months from the date they receive your exam results. This program allows you to look for work and get a green card or work permit. As a first-time student / student, you are now eligible for 24 months to obtain a job / apply for a work permit.

While still in college or university in Ireland you have the right to work 20 hours per week during the hour, and 40 hours per week during the holidays. You may be able to stay and work in Ireland after you progress graduate, but there are some limitations. If you are graduating from outside of the European Economic Area, you can apply for an extension to your study visas six months after receiving the results of your examination.

During that six-month period, you will be allowed to work 40 hours a week without a work permit. After this, you will be able to find work in areas where there is a shortage of skills. These include information technology, health and financial services. To stay in Ireland for a long time, you will need to obtain a Green Card / Critical Skills Employment permit or work permit.

What is a Green Card?

Green Card / Rentals Employment Permit Allows you to work in Ireland with a defined employer in an area where there is a skills shortage. It is given for an initial period of two years, after which it can be renewed indefinitely. Your job offer will need to fulfill the following conditions: The employee pays over EUR 60,000 per year. The job is on a limited list of jobs, paying over EUR 30,000 a year and for at least two years.

Work provided by a registered law firm in Ireland is required. The permit allows you to apply for family reunification and the time spent under the permit can depend on your permanent residence. There is no need for a labor market audit before applying for a permit. The employer or employee may apply for the permit. An employee must have the qualifications, skills or experience of an appropriate job.

What is a work permit?

Another way to get a job is through a work permit system, but these are difficult to find because they will require labor market testing. This means that your prospective employer must abide by the specific rules relating to job advertisement and ensure that no Ireland can fill that vacancy. You can find details on the Department of Labor, Business and Renewals website. The employee will have an annual salary of at least EUR 30,000 or less than EUR 30,000 in certain cases where the job complies with the public interest.

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