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People are living in Ireland for the last 1500 years. Also known as Baile Átha Cliath ("Ford town of Hurdle"), the capital of Ireland, is located in Leinster province. Situated at Bay on the Irish Sea, Dublin serves as the country's main port, a center for economic power, as well as a cultural seat. It is also a comparative city, which maintains a complex relationship between monuments of political and economic conditions and symbols of modern life and prosperity.


Dublin is a warm and welcoming city, famous for its friendly people and also for its “cracks” - a combination of repartee, humor, ingenuity, and acerbic and descriptive insight that has attracted writers, scholars, and visitors for centuries. It has a subtle beauty and a well-dressed mind. One-quarter of the population of the Republic of Ireland lives in the vicinity of the Greater Dublin city, contributing to the turmoil. The core city is located northeast of the Liffey River, with O'Connell's Bridge connecting the two sections.


Pubs (where public city life is held), cafes, and restaurants are common, and Irish music rarely allows for peace. On the north side, near the General Post Office, are the many remaining houses of Georgia, now adjoining glass and concrete offices and residences. Some of the magnificent buildings lay on the river bank to the north, as do the city's poorest areas, maintaining the distance between the political and economic downturns of the past - which were dignified and poor - and the reflection of today's thriving city. The Irish National Theater, Abbey, is located east of O'Connell Street, marked since 2002 by the Spire of Dublin, a 394 (120 m) stainless steel plate that announced the transformation of a pedestrian and boulevard plaza. With the advent of new high-rise buildings, radio has changed the character of the city and the north side. Although Dublin is modern, and some areas – for instance, the narrow streets and lanes of The Temple west of Trinity College - are always crowded, a strong sense of history and a century-old capital.


interesting points are the 13th-century Dublin Castle, the Holy Trinity, and St Patrick's Cathedral. The Irish National Gallery has a huge assembly of Irish and European art.


Dublin's economy has historically been based on cooking, among them the Guinness brewery (since 1759), but today many information and communication technology companies around the world are based in the city and on the outskirts. Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and Yahoo! have their operating bases in Dublin. Banks, finance, trade, and the tourism sector also adds up to the city's economy. Dublin has three major universities, the University of Dublin (with a college known as Trinity College), the National University of Ireland, and Dublin City University (DCU). The language spoken in Dublin is English. Road symbols and endorsed buildings are inscribed in English and Gaelic.


Instituted in 1592, Trinity is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. It contains the major gathering of books in Ireland, including Kells' First Book of the 9th century and Leinster of the 12th century, both of which are beautifully illustrated manuscripts. A local bank account will be an important part of your life here, so getting it early is a good idea. You should be 18 years of age, provide a valid photo ID and proof of address. This can be a challenge if you don’t have a place to live. Some banks will accept proof of address from your country, or your university can help you with this.


If you are an international student, you will not be paid for free health care without campus so you will need to take out your private insurance - before you leave or when you arrive.

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