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Accommodation Support in Ireland

Compared to top other academies institute in the world. Dublin city, the Capital of Ireland is the most luxurious city to live in, but Irish cities are the least expensive places to live compared to other popular places to study, including the UK. Students have a wide choice of options when it comes to accommodation. Some students choose to live on campus, which is located in most colleges. Campus housing is always in demand and can be very expensive and difficult to find.

All academies Institute have living halls, usual apartments with four to eight students, with Private bedrooms and a shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Campus accommodation must be paid in 2 installments in Sep and Feb. At most campus residences, it is not likely to pay your rent every month. You will usually have to pay a one-month rental deposit in advance, with a refund when you leave. Utilities such as heating are often added, although many residence halls incorporate heat and electricity into their initial billing and deduct the excess usage fee from the deposit when you leave colleges and Universities will have more information about their housing and how to apply.

The normal Living expenses in Ireland for a student for year one academic is €7,000-12,000 per year. This includes rent, laundry, electricity, books, and medicine, as well as travel and expenses for the community, but does not include tuition fees. Of course, you’re living expenses will vary, depending on the area of study, the type of accommodation, and the lifestyle you choose. Think about any foreign trips you plan to make during the year. You will need to Budget for one-time expenses, such as buying bedding, kitchen and cell phones, and so on.

Miscellaneous Expenses (Daily Basis)


Price (€)

One liter of milk


Movie ticket


Can of Coca Cola


Cup of coffee


Lunch from a campus cafe


A meal in an inexpensive cafe


Meal at a restaurant


One-minute mobile phone call


Taxi ride for one kilometer


One liter of petrol


Single room apartment in the city center


Single room apartment in suburbs


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