Study Group has unrivalled experience in recruiting high quality international students and helping them to successfully make the transition into UK universities and colleges. Study Group partner with more universities than any other provider, creating a bespoke mix of academic, Foundation, International Year One, Pre-Masters and distance learning programs to fit the needs of each institution. Study Group innovative International Study Centre program enables partners institute to grow a diverse international student intake.
There are a variety of foundation courses on offer in the UK, which cover a wide range of subjects such as business, computing, communications, law, art and design, engineering, and social science. Teaching methods are designed to enhance your study skills such as learn problem solving research and analytical thinking.
The University Foundation Program (UFP) is a one-year intensive course that leads to entry to a wide range of universities in the United Kingdom. It is designed as an alternative to the conventional A-Level route, which takes two years to complete.
The UFP was conceived as an alternative to A-Level courses for international students wishing to gain entry into British universities.
The course runs for up to one academic year. A student starting the course in September of a given year will usually be able to start university in October the following year. Some institutions offer a faster-track course; students on these programs enroll in January, graduate in August and commence University in October.
Students graduating the University Foundation Program are eligible for entry into Study Group Partner’s British universities.