Navitas was established in 1994. The Navitas group is a world leader in the development and provision of educational services and learning solutions. The Navitas excels in understanding the world of learning needs and continually adapts to meet the needs of the changing global environment. Members of the Navitas group offer English language training, high school, university preparation, university programs, and career advancement programs to students, professionals from all over the world. Navitas having 12 on campus centers in Australia. All the Navitas Units in Australia offer package courses and comes under Streamline Visa Processing.
The Diploma Program OR Year one is a comprehensive program equivalent to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree, with additional English for Academic Purposes. The Diploma program OR Year one is for students who do not quite have the academic grades to go straight to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree, do not have English level to go straight to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree at Australian University but who have a stronger profile than an Undergraduate Foundation Program student. A-levels students are also encourage to apply for Navitas Diploma course because of 3 intakes in a year, fast admission process in renowned universities (48-72 hours) & flexible entry criteria.
Navitas Diploma Program consists of Partner University’s first year degree units and provides you with the foundation for further specific study in chosen areas. You will specialize in your preferred area when you enter second year at Navitas partner’s University. All the Navitas units have Small class sizes taught by university level staff. Students have a choice of 3 possible start dates (February/March, June/July, and October/November). Students have option to complete diploma program in 8 OR 12 months and being a student of Navitas they have access the facilities of a large university without getting lost in one.
Students will be assessed regularly throughout the course. This will ensure that they are on track to achieve the standard required for progression onto their chosen degree.
Progress is monitored through continuous coursework and specific assessments and examinations at the end of each term or module. Students will also be required to complete a series of presentations and extended essays as part of their overall assessment.