Navitas was established in 1994. The Navitas group is a world leader in the development and provision of educational services and learning solutions. The Navitas excels in understanding the world of learning needs and continually adapts to meet the needs of the changing global environment. Navitas currently has collaboration with two Canadian Universities and offer University Transfer Program-Stage-1 (Commonly known as Foundation program) at their campus.
Students must meet the minimum entry requirements of O-level, 11 years of education to enter into UTP-Stage -1 Program. Students of A-levels OR intermediate also asked to do UTP-Stage-1 Program if they not meet the minimum entry requirements of the course. One semester UTP Stage-1 Program also offer to students if they slightly fall behind the entry requirements of UTP Stage-2 Program.
University Transfer Program Stage I (UTP Stage I) bridges secondary school and undergraduate studies. It consists of eight courses of study and is designed to adequately prepare for entry to university-level programs in Engineering, Business, Science or Arts. If you successfully complete the program with the necessary GPA, you will be eligible for entry to UTP Stage II, which you may undertake in Engineering, Business, Science or Arts.
All Navitas Students study on campus with state of the art facilities & guaranteed progression after UTP Stage-1 to UTP Stage-II Program.