The University Foundation Program (UFP) is a one-year intensive course that leads to entry to a wide range of universities in the United Kingdom. It is designed as an alternative to the conventional A-Level route, which takes two years to complete.
Kaplan International Colleges (KIC) works in partnership with leading universities to prepare international students for studying a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the UK.
Kaplan preparation courses equip students with the academic skills, key subject knowledge and English language ability to progress to one of Kaplan’s respected partner universities. Students benefit from small class sizes, extra English language tuition, one-to-one tutorials and dedicated pastoral support on all courses.
All university preparation courses are taught at one of International colleges, usually located on a Kaplan’s partner university campus. Such close links mean that students have access to extensive university facilities and get the chance to experience UK higher education before starting their degree course. Most importantly, progression to a degree at the partner university is guaranteed if the student completes their preparation course to the required level.
The course runs for up to one academic year. A student starting the course in September of a given year will usually be able to start university in October the following year. Some institutions offer a faster-track course; students on these programs enroll in January, graduate in August and commence University in October.
Students are able to learn key academic skills - how to undertake research, develop essay writing skills, give oral presentations, and learn analysis skills.
A foundation module covers all the basics of chosen area of study so that students have the knowledge they need in their subject area. After learning the basics, students will then progress to more specialised modules that focus on the topics and skills that they will need most in their chosen undergraduate degree course. Foundation course is available in 2-terms OR 3 terms depend on student previous academic standing and English skills.