Thousands of international students every year change their lives for the better when they join INTO. Their academic achievements have helped many of them enter universities ranked in the top 3% in the world. INTO is an ambitious organisation with a firm set of principles and strong vision of what it wants to achieve for both students and its university partners.
INTO Graduate Pathway programs prepare you for direct entry into a master’s degree program at a top-ranked American university. You will develop your academic knowledge, English language and study skills while taking graduate-level courses at a leading American institution. Desire additional academic, language, and cultural support
The Graduate Pathway program is combining English language training and academic studies, the INTO Graduate Pathway program is designed for students whose academic qualifications and/or English proficiency levels are marginally below the entry requirements for postgraduate programs at the American University. The emphasis is on developing the skills necessary for success at postgraduate level. Students who complete the particular pathways within the Graduate Pathway program will meet the academic and English language requirements for entry into specified coursework postgraduate programs.
The Graduate Pathway program offered by INTO is designed specifically to meet the needs of international students. A Graduate Pathway program is a course designed to prepare students for a master’s degree in the USA. Graduate Pathway program is structured to provide excellent preparation for postgraduate study, covering areas such as research skills, English language skills, group work and effective time management. Students will also benefit from guidance on personal and academic development, in order to get the best from their education.
International students who would like to study on a postgraduate course but do not meet the direct entry requirements for a master’s degree or who simply want to refresh their knowledge & do not have GMAT or GRE test scores can study the Pre-Master’s program. International students could get a range of academic and learning skills which the students may not have experienced in their home country. Students who do not meet the required English language level for direct entry to the Pre-Master’s Program and need additional language training can firstly join the English for Pre-Masters (EPM) program. Pre-Master program offered by INTO will develop the ability to adapt to a new cultural environment and thrive academically.