faq Some Questions


A: HS Consultants is the guiding and the counseling source for students seeking education internationally. Since its inception in 2003 it has been working towards fulfilling the dreams of the students who wish and will to study abroad. For further information, we will suggest giving us a call or sending an email and it’s even better if you can visit our office personally.
A:You are most welcome to visit our offices personally. Our Head Office is situated in Karachi and we also have Regional offices in Lahore and Faisalabad. In our offices you can meet our experienced counsellors who can give you professional advice on all your educational & career prospects and guide you further through every step of the way.
A: Well, you can just drop in to our nearest office any time for Free Guidance, meet our Counsellors, and get your queries cleared and then only register with us.
A: Time taken for admission varies from university to university. Some Universities are fast in taking decision and some takes time. However as a registered student of H.S Consultants, you will have your reply in typically half the time normally taken.
A: The admissions process is lengthy. Submit your application along with complete set of educational documents as soon as you can. If you send your documents well before the deadlines, it can only benefit you. You will have better chances of getting admission as well as get priority for housing.
A: Yes, certainly. In fact, most undergraduate students change their major at least once during their four-year course of study. Most universities abroad allow you the flexibility to change your major as you wish.
A: Yes, H.S Consultants can help you with your admissions even if you have poor grades during your study. There are several good universities abroad and they understand that students sometimes lose focus and do not concentrate on their studies. They even understand the Pakistani academic system as they are in close co-ordination with us. These universities will be ready to give you a second chance. So, do not worry. Just contact us. We can help you.
A: Admissions in MBA in most of the countries are possible if you have 16 years of education. Universities often insist on 16 years of education and work experience of minimum 2-3 years. Our counsellors are best equipped to answer your specific queries.
A: You are eligible to study whatever you want, even if it is a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Management or any other course that you wish. For further information please contact us on line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or contact us on our office. Our experienced counsellors would be the right person to solve all your queries. Student's satisfaction is our Concern.
A: Yes, you can apply, provided the result is expected within short time span. O/AS/A - levels students can apply on Predicted/Projected Results from their concern tuition institute. Moreover for intermediate students, it is advisable to have IELTS done during this period.