FBT has extensive experience in providing students with professional and post graduate academic qualifications. Furthermore, FBT enables students to gain a qualification under the instruction of top tutors immaterial of the study mode they choose. Lastly, FBT has formed a dynamic and beneficial relationship with the London School of Business and Finance. LSBF is renowned for their excellence in the industry and brings various accolades to the partnership; an example is the PQ College Award which LSBF has been awarded for the past two consecutive years.

HS Consultants

HS Consultants, an illustrious foreign education agent, is busy to promote the talented students by getting admission in Finance Business Training, so that this could be helpful to bring transformation in their personal, educational, and social lives.
And this transformational development in their personal, educational, and social lives could bring advancement not only in the individuals and family lives even it could be helpful to bring advancement for the society and humanity as well.
The Finance Business Training (FBT) Centre is privileged for having broader experience and expertise in lending professional and post-graduate academic qualifications.
TFBT has developed an academic linkage with London School of Business and Finance (LSBF). LSBF is very well known for its prominence in the industrial sector, usually retains many appreciations in its record.

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