Students studying abroad can opt for home staying as it allows them to save money, get firsthand experience of cultural immersion as well as the irreplaceable feeling of having a home away from home. It allows students to reside with families in their host country for a few days to a full year term individually or as a group.

The Benefits of Homestays

Homestays are 100% better as compared to student accommodation and dormitories. The students get to live with local people allowing them to immerse themselves completely in the new culture and explore it with insightful assistance. Living in a student dorm will not serve as an authentic experience. For a more balanced view of what it’s like to be a native to the respective host, country home staying is a fantastic option. Many host families go to great lengths to support and provide resources to their homestays to ensure their safety and feasibility as well as giving them a homey feeling.

Home staying is an effective and reliable tool for students who are unable to speak the native language of the host country. They are able to learn the local lingo easily with communicating with the host family on a regular basis. Learning the local language opens many doors for interaction and friendship with the local populace.

Staying abroad in a new country can be daunting specially when you are away from family. You can easily get homesick but if you are home staying it enables you to enjoy a homey feeling away from your home.

Students living as homestays need to go an extra mile to make friends as instant friends are not available. But you get the safety and security of a home and you can enjoy friends at the school just like you would in your home country. Thus making homestays, a brilliant way to experience the best of both worlds.

Tips for Having a Successful Homestay Experience

Home staying does not mean that you lock yourself in the house and do not get out. Your immersive journey will end there and there. Getting involved with the local community, joining the different clubs at the university or some groups will enable you to have meaningful experiences which are an important aspect of your study abroad journey. It will also provide you and your host family with breathing space in order to create a healthy and friendly environment in the house. This, in turn, will be beneficial for both the students as well as the host family.