Field Based study programs are immersive programs where students get the opportunity to dig deep and get their hands dirty. They involve interacting with the local communities and partaking in experiential learning with activities carried outside the classroom. These programs are extremely stringent, site specific and research focused keeping the students on their toes.

What Are Some Examples of Field-Based Study-Abroad Programs?

Field based study programs tend to target a specific topic and focus on a core issue. These topics variate between global community or the environment. Few egs are programs centered on conservation and sustainability, species research, community development and global health.

How Do Logistics Differ from Standard Study-Abroad Programs?

The logistics like visas,applications,credit transfers are similar to other study abroad programs but housing can be unique to these types of programs. Students involved with field based study programs are often placed in a homestay (which means they live with a local family). These homestays are usually sponsored by the programs and they are arranged to serve as a highlight of a students’s experience. Field based study programs tend to appear rigorous but the providers ensure the students’s safety and health is taken care of foremost. They prioritize to make all the necessary resources and support accessible to the students so as to provide the students a positive and productive experience.

Is Field-Based Study Abroad Right for You? What to Expect?

Field based study programs are perfect for those adventurous souls who enjoy experiential learning and immersive experiences. The students need to be self motivated  and passionate about global issues, as these tenacious programs tend to become a bit difficult to handle along their lengths, if you lack any of the above traits. These programs appeal to students who wish to pursue graduate degrees in fields of science, education and international policy. The research component of these field based programs provide an inkling about what advanced degree studies entail. 

Field based study programs include outdoor activities, minimal lodgings and lots of shared space. So do your research before you dive into this as it may result in a great stretch to your comfort zone. 

A Final Word

Students wishing to employ an investigative approach for their studies can opt for field based study programs. These programs provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with global issues and passions through first hand exploration.