Skype and video interviews have become extremely common in the last decade. Video Interviews are tougher than they look even for someone who is keyed up on the world of video communication. Follow our top 7 Skype Interview tips and you are bound to impress the interviewer.

Tips for preparation

1.  Cleanliness goes a long way

Your surroundings should not depict that you are a disorganized, confused, inattentive individual as it will not reflect well with your interviewer. So tidy up your room and opt for neutral backgrounds which do not show too much personal information. As you are not going to be judged on your collection of classical works, but rather on your level of competency. Inform your house members or noisy neighbors that you will be taking an important call and therefore avoid disturbances during the interview.

2.  Dress smartly

You are not there in person which makes it all the more imperative that you make the effort of cleaning yourself up and dressing smartly to create a good impression. Assume it to be like a normal one on one interview where you wouldn’t want to come off as a slob. So be presentable and sieze the opportunity.

3.  Familiarize yourself

If video calling is unchartered territory for you,it would be wise to check out the program before hand as well your equipment to prevent disruption. You don’t want to find that your speakers are not working or your internet bandwith is too low at the very last moment as it will be totally chaotic.

4.  Angling your webcam

Another important aspect of video calling is the position of the camera. It needs to be preset before the interview. Allow the camera to incoporate most of your top half, this will enable the interviewer to perceive your body language as well as see your hand gestures too. Natural light has the ability to make the environment more inviting and bright so make sure you have as much natural light as possible ( without sitting directly infront of the light source)

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Tips to remember during the call

5.  Look at the camera, not yourself

While video calling, we tend to focus our attention at the bottom right hand corner of our screens to ensure that we are looking alright but it may come off as you being skittish or conceited to the interviewer. Trying to maintain eye contact by directly looking at the interviewer is also not a smart idea. Instead keep your eyes focussed on the black dot of your webcam as this is the only way to actually make eye contact with your interviewer.

6.  Correct posture

Positive body language is pertinent to impressing your interviewer. Slouching or leaning back too far creates the wrong image. Further more, avoid crossing your arms or leaning on your desk. Instead be alert,sit up straight and appear positive and ready to answer the questions.

7.  Speak with clarity

Enunciate your words clearly so that your brilliant answers are not misheard. Avoid speaking too loudly as it will appear that you are shouting at the interviewer. Non verbal communication such as facial expressions and and gestures are sometimes lost on the interviewer so rely on verbally communicating whatever you wish to express. Your enthusiasm,excitement and happiness should be communicated with the tone of your voice and the words you use.

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